Friday, Mar 27 - by roxy

Tomorow, Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin will stop by the studios for an exclusive interview!  I am so psyched to catch up with him. I think our last interview was in Feb of 2010 when they were on tour with Three Days Grace.  Will update on Monday. Let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to ask him.  Email via the interact link on the home page or text it in through the Interact Live portal of the new hardDriveRadio APP!  And speaking of the app, our own Lou Brutus will inaugurate our first ever Live App Chat! Get your questions ready for Lou in the Interact Live section.  The event will take place on Tuesday night, April 7th at 11 PM ET/10 PM CT/8 PM PT.  Don’t sleep! (Ha, that’s a throwback hip hop term. I was listening to interviews I did back in 1995 with Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG.  I used to produce a hip hop show back in tha day! Miss those fellas. Forgot how sweet Biggie was. He really was like a big teddy bear.  Neither of these guys deserved to die. Hope someday their killers will be found and prosecuted to the fullest.)….Meanwhile, we knew something would come out of the old Mudvayne camp eventually.  Pulse Of Radio reporting Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett and drummer Matt McDonough have reunited in a new band called Audiotopsy, which also includes singer Billy Keeton   from  Skrape  and bassist Perry Stern. The group recently completed recording its debut album and is mixing the disc now, with a summer release planned. (Hmmm, wonder why they didn’t invite former Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie?) Tribbett, who was also a member of Hellyeah until early 2014, said in a statement, “I’m extremely excited about Audiotopsy. The music has everything you want in a record . . . heavy, melodic, atmospheric, big, hooky riffs/singalongs as well. The guys in the band are great and we all feel as if this was meant to happen.”  Tribbett and  bassist Bob “Zilla” Kahaha were dismissed from Hellyeah last year. Guitarist Tom Maxwell  explained, “They just pretty much had a lot of other stuff going on in their life that just took the focus of the band away, and for us to continue, we had to part ways with them.”   Meanwhile, it’s been almost six years since Mudvayne released its self-titled fifth album, which was barely promoted and sold weakly upon release.  The band has been silent since then, although a message was posted at its Facebook page last year saying that the group had not broken up. Will be interesting to see what this sounds like.  (Whoops!   I just Googled Audiotopsy,,,it’s a hip hop artist from Portland, OR  whose  got music up on Soundcloud. Guess Greg and the boys didn’t research the name too well,  or maybe they bought the name  outright, at which point, the dude on Soundcloud needs to change his thing up.) …Oh no!  Ozzy Osbourne apparently has to cancel Ozzfiesta, the planned concert and party hosted by Ozzy scheduled to happen at the Hard Rock in Mexico in May.  The organizers said in a statement, “Like you, we were very excited about the event. However, Ozzy is having surgery, scheduled for May, following his South American tour. He requires at least four weeks of recovery time. We are very disappointed that we need to cancel.”  The organizers added they will be offering refunds, but that fans who might still like to keep their reservation and convert it into an “all-inclusive vacation” at the Hard Rock should get in touch to make the arrangements.There has been no statement issued yet from the Osbourne camp nor any hint of what kind of surgery the singer is undergoing. Ozzy still has three dates in Brazil and one in Mexico posted on his website for late April and early May. In addition to a headlining performance from Ozzy, the five-day Ozzfiesta was supposed to include a dinner party hosted by Sharon Osbourne, an opening night party featuring a special acoustic set by Zakk Wylde, a question-and-answer session with Ozzy and his band, a Black Label Society concert, a comedy night, a charity golf tournament and more. Ozzy’s only other confirmed live plans at the moment are a October solo residency in Las Vegas and a late November show in Japan with Black Sabbath.  Sabbath is reportedly working on material for what will be its final studio album, but that has yet to be made official (Hmmm, possible the thing wasn’t selling perhaps?)….Pulse Of Radio says Nine Inch Nails main man Trent Reznor is reportedly playing a major role in redesigning the digital music app on Apple’s iPhones to include a new streaming service, according to the New York Times. Reznor is the chief creative officer at Beats Music, the streaming service that Apple acquired for $3 billion last year. The Beats staff is working with Apple to create a brand new streaming app that will allow Apple to compete with companies like Spotify and Rhapsody. The new service will be the biggest change in Apple’s music strategy in years. Until now the company has relied on selling music downloads via its iTunes store. Reznor is said to be the “point man” for overhauling Apple’s digital music services, according to two Apple employees who spoke with the Times anonymously. Music listeners are turning away from downloads, which earned 8.5 percent less in 2014 than the year before, and are embracing streaming. The new music app Reznor and others are working on may feature many of the same elements as the Beats Music streaming service, including curated playlists and vivid visuals. The name Beats Music will most likely be dropped. Reznor hinted at what he was working on in an interview with Billboard last November, saying that Apple “expressed direct interest in me designing some products with them. I can’t go into details, but I feel like I’m in a unique position where I could be of benefit to them.”  Reznor said at the time the project was in the “world” of music delivery, adding, “It’s exciting to me, and I think it could have a big enough impact that it’s worth the effort.” Wonder what roles, if any, Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, who were also partners in Beats with Reznor, will have or if they just got a billion each and said ‘buh bye’….And I wonder what former Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier and Staind guitarist  Mike Mushok are up to?  I also hear Godsmack has a new single coming out called “Worthless.”  It was a tune that never made it onto the 1000hp  album…..Celebrating life this weekend:  Today:  Scott Anderson of Finger Eleven (I hear they are coming back this year) is 41.  Staind bassist Johnny April is the Big 5-0 and Quentin Tarantino is 54.   Saturday, say Happy 29th to Lady Gaga  and Sunday, Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell is 56  and Eric Idle of Monty Python fame will be 72.