Tuesday, Apr 22 - by roxy

Can’t believe it’s like 4 weeks away from Rock on the Range.   Funny thing about covering that festival.  I love it and I hate it at the same time.  So many bands to chase around.  I must get over 250 texts in one day.  It’s nuts.   Lou does all the heavy lifting, but man,  my feet are hurting just thinking about it!  LOL  But hey, I am not complaining!  Gonna get to see many of my friends there.  OK, I am now getting excited!…..Linkin Park posted another video teaser for The Hunting Party, due Jun 17th.  It also revealed a couple of more titles than the 5 I originally knew about.  Added to the list are “A Line In The Sand” and one I think is called “Mark The Graves,” & one I can’t see the first word of, because someone’s hand is in the way, but it’s “(Something) ral  Masquerade.” (“Viral” maybe?)  I knew the single of course, “Guilty All The Same,” “Keys To The Kingdom,”  ”Rebellion” (featuring Daron Malakian of System Of A Down) and “All For Nothing” (featuring Paige Hamilton of Helmet.)  Can’t wait to hear the whole thing.  Meanwhile, Mike Shinoda told me that the state of current music made him think it was time to make a harder-edged record again: “That’s something that has actually been on my mind for a long time, I got really fired up about it and was passionate about our band making that kind of a record — a heavier, louder, more energetic record, and you know, that’s kind of where we’re at right now. The new album will be out this summer and that’s really where we’re coming from.”  Meanwhile, Chester Bennington revealed that drummer Rob Bourdon really had his hands full getting his drums tracks just right for “Guilty All The Same.”  Guess he’s not used to bashing his kit like some other hard rock drummers we know!  If you listen closely, you’ll hear what I mean.  He nails it, but it isn’t the type of drumming he’s used to…..And, another band in the same management stable is getting close to releasing the first single off their next album.   Godsmack’s Sully Erna posted yesterday that their sixth studio album is finished!  They did it with producer Dave Fortman (who did all 4 Mudvayne albums, and I believe he was the Best Man in Chad Gray‘s wedding….but alas, I hear he’s divorcing.)   Dave also did Slipknot  All Hope Is Gone and their greatest hits album,  and worked with Another Animal (with Tony Rombolo, Shannon Larkin & Rob Merrill) Evanescence and Snot.  (And here’s one I had forgotten about, he was a guitarist in Ugly Kid Joe.)The first single from Godsmack is expected next month.  Will a tour be far off?…. Alice In Chains have added some new dates.  See Road Rage…..Alter Bridge is in town this week.  Looking forward to checking their set out at Best Buy Theater….Papa Roach are workng away on their new album, I am assuming, in Las Vegas with producer Kevin Churko.  Oh man, is it a good idea for Jacoby to have so many temptations!  LOL  Probably.  What doesn’t kill you…..Joey Jordison posted an online message he’s holding open auditions for the new singer for his band Scar The Martyr.  If you think you’ve got what it takes, send your audio/video and photo to him at stmvocaltryout@stronghq.com .  Apparently his former singer Henry Derek Bonner left to work on a side project with drummer Jeff Friedl of Puscifer and A Perfect Circle…Today, I’ll be on the hotLine with Michael Poulsen of Volbeat and tomorrow Lou Brutus will be chatting with Tyler Connolly of Theory Of A Deadman, who are in rehearsals n Tampa, Florida.  Poor them!  LOL….Happy 4-0 today to Shavo Odadjian of System of A Down.  And Happy 36 to former Breaking Benjamin guitarist Aaron Fink  and Happy 35th to former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns.