Friday, Oct 31 HAPPY HALLOWEEN - by roxy

Hello Ghosts & Ghouls!  Hope you have a great HALLOWEEN!   It’s one of my favorite times of the year!   If you missed last weekend’s HARDDRIVE HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY, download the new hardDriveRadio APP  right now and listen!  It will definitely be your soundtrack to the day!…..It’s Friday (October 31st), which means it’s time for your weekly Foo Fighters track. This time the song is “Congregation,” which was recorded at Nashville’s Southern Ground studio with assistance from Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. The making of the song and the musical history of the city in which it was recorded will form the basis of Friday night’s third episode of Sonic Highways, the eight-part HBO series documenting the creation of the new Foos album.  Each installment of the Dave Grohl-directed series follows the band to a different city to record one song for the disc.  The first two episodes featured the recording of “Something From Nothing” in Chicago and “The Feast And The Famine” in Washington D.C. Check out the tune here. Meanwhile, Grohl might have been joking when he remarked in an interview with Studio Brussel that he’s already thinking about how he wants to make the next Foo Fighters album, saying, “Wait until you see what we’re doing for the next record. That’s some f***ed up s***. I already know what we’re doing for that, and it makes this look like f***ing kindergarten.”  Watch his interview here…..Papa Roach performed the title track from its new album, F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise), in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday night (Oct 29th) for the very first time, with the song captured on video by a fan. The band’s eighth full-length album is set to arrive on Jan 27th, 2015. Singer Jacoby Shaddix told us how the title concept came about: “I remember when we went into the studio initially, I had a bunch of butcher paper on the wall and that was the first thing I wrote on the wall, was ‘FEAR,’ and then underneath it, ‘Face everything and rise.’ And I thought that that acronym — just the duality of that acronym and that saying just rang so true to me and I felt it had to be on the record somewhere, somehow.”  The band will be touring the states with Seether, with dates to be announced very soon…..Stone Sour has set Meanwhile In Burbank as the title of its upcoming covers album, which is tentatively due out next year. The group is currently recording the set at a Burbank, California studio owned by Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga. There’s no word yet on which songs the band intends to include on the disc, which Stone Sour has had in the planning stages for years.  Singer Corey Taylor said on the Jasta Show podcast about the record, “This is something that we’ve been talking about since the first album came out, with Stone Sour. We’ve always wanted to do this. Even as people have come, people have gone, this is still something we’ve always come back to, and we just never had the opportunity to do it. And we just kind of said, ‘Well, screw it.‘”  Taylor added, “You’re going back to these songs that you just love to listen to, not only just sing. And that’s why it’s called Meanwhile In Burbank, because, without giving too much away, that’s where Roy lives — he lives in the Valley — so that’s why we call it that. Because it’s, like, that’s what we’re doing right now.”  Earlier this year, Taylor recorded a well-received cover of Dio‘s “Rainbow In The Dark” for a Ronnie James Dio tribute album and told us at the time what he wanted to accomplish with it: “I mean, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to touch Dio. I just wanted to kind of come close. It was just about having fun and getting the guys all together and being like, ‘Okay, we’ll do this and we’ll do that,’ you know, and just really try to get the spirit of the song out, you know. And it came together really, really quick.”  On its last North American tour, Stone Sour played a different cover every night, including Metallica‘s “Creeping Death,” Kiss‘ “Love Gun.” Judas Priest‘s “Heading Out To The Highway” and Peter Gabriel‘s “In Your Eyes.” Taylor’s other band, Slipknot, is enjoying the Number One debut earlier this week on the Billboard album chart of the group’s first record in six years, .5: The Gray Chapter….Metallica is prepping remastered deluxe editions of the band’s first two albums, 1983′s Kill ‘Em All and 1984′s Ride The Lightning, and is asking for help from their fans to put the sets together. Anyone who has photos of the group, along with memorabilia or audio of concerts Metallica played between 1983 and 1985, is being asked to submit them for possible inclusion in the reissues.   The band said in a post on its website, “We want it all . . . Did you manage to sneak a video camera into a show long before they fit in your pocket? Maybe your old instamatic camera for some snapshots? A cassette Walkman with a microphone? We’re looking for anything and everything . . . audio, video, photos, fliers, ticket stubs, the set list you picked up off the floor and in general any mementos you may have from that around that time.”  Fans with items of interest, including stories, can email info on what they’ve got to The band added, “By submitting it, you’re saying we can use it should your piece of history land on a release (yes, the lawyers made us add this part!).”  The group hopes to have both reissues out sometime in 2015.  The band also plans to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the release of its third album, 1986′s Master Of Puppets, in 2016 with a book on the making of the record.  Metallica confirmed earlier this week that it will spend the week of November 17th as the musical guests on CBS-TV’s The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson…..Those celebrating birthdays!  Today:  Larry Mullen, Jr of U2-53.  Frank Iero (ex-My Cheical Romance)-33, King Ad Rock-Adam Horowitz of the Beastie Boys-48.  Motorhead’s Mikkey Dee-51, Vanilla Ice-47   Saturday:  Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers is 52.  Sunday:  Fieldy from Korn is 45.