Week of 05/23


Monday night kicks off another week of kick-ass music on HARDDRIVE XLLOU BRUTUS is joined on air every night by featured artist of the week FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH! Tonight’s special guest is AVATAR! We’ve got an all new SMASH OR CRASH tonight, with PIERCE THE VEIL vs. BLINK 182! Plus your requests at 877-MUSIC-11! Be sure to cast your votes at www.harddriveradio.com!


LOU BRUTUS has your recommended daily allowance of rock on HARDDRIVE XL! Featured artist FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and special guest PIERCE THE VEIL join Lou on the air tonight! If the world is making you see red, call the XL SHOUTBOX, toll-free, at 877-MUSIC-11 and tell Lou! Keep up with with show news and contests at  www.harddriveradio.com!


Get over that mid-week hump with LOU BRUTUS on HARDDRIVE XL! Featured artist FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and special guest TRIVIUM join Lou on the air! Wonder what goes on backstage at a concert? Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and ASK LOU! Check out www.harddriveradio.com to stay on top of everything hardDrive!


Get loud with HARDDRIVE XL! Joining LOU BRUTUS tonight are featured artist FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and special guest THRICE! Got a music question that only Lou can answer? Call 877-MUSIC-11 and ASK LOU! Hit up www.harddriveradio.com for everything about hardDriveRadio!


There’s nothing better than a Friday night spent with LOU BRUTUS on HARDDRIVE XL! Featured artist FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and special guest SEVENDUST stop in to say what’s up! LZZY HALE is here to answer your questions about music and life in ASK LZZY! Get your requests in to Lou at 877-MUSIC-11! Add www.harddriveradio.com to your ‘Favorites,’ and stay up to date with the latest in rock!


Break the Monday monotony with LOU BRUTUS on HARDDRIVE XL! Lou is joined every night this week by featured artist CHEVELLE! Tonight’s special guest is 3 DOORS DOWN! Plus, Lou will entertain you with POETRY CORNER, RANT OF THE DAY, and WEIRD WORLD NEWS! Keep up with all that’s happening on the show at www.harddriveradio.com!

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