Week of 03/27


Give me fuel, give me fire, give me Metallica on hardDrive XL every night as featured artist of the week! Lou Brutus has Robert Trujillo in to talk about the new tour! Tonight’s special guest is Volbeat, here to tell Lou about the new single “Black Rose!” A fresh battle of new rock in SMASH or CRASH, with Islander vs. Thrice!


Tonight on hardDrive XLLou Brutus has featured artist Metallica to chat about the length of the new “World-Wired Tour.” Special guest Starset is here to talk about their state-of-the-art live shows! Had about enough of this winter weather? Call the XL shoutBox at 877-MUSIC-11 and yell at the skies!


It’s not the voices in your head coming out of your car stereo, but he’s just as deranged! Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Metallica returns, and Lou asks Robert Trujillo about becoming the band’s longest-serving bass player! Special guest Green Day tell Lou how they pick the setlist for their live shows! Want to know how many rock posters Lou has? Call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou


Train keeps rolling on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus! Tonight, featured artist Metallica reflects on the band’s longevity! Special guest Islander recount having their band broken into while on tour. Anger is the path to the Dark Side, so let it out by calling the XL shoutBox877-MUSIC-11!


Friday at last! Time to celebrate with hardDrive XL! Featured artist Robert Trujillo of Metallica tells Lou Brutus what is his favorite song on the new album! Special guest Corey Taylor talks to Lou about playing Rock Fest! Lzzy Hale returns to answer your questions in Ask Lzzy! Call 877-MUSIC-11 to submit yours, or make a request!


Lou Brutus has the rock music you love on hardDrive XL! This week’s featured artist is Chevelle, joining Lou on the air every night! Tonight’s special guest is Ghost! Plus, Lou has all new Poetry CornerRant of the Day, and Weird World News!

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