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He ain’t no freak on a leash, he’s Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! This week, Lou is joined on the air every night by featured artist Korn! Tonight’s special guest is Breaking Benjamin, talking about Star Wars! A new SMASH or CRASH battles it out all week, with Fire From The Gods vs. Sylar! Plus your requests at 877-MUSIC-11! Be sure to cast your votes at www.harddriveradio.com.


Hang out with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Tonight, featured artist Korn describes recording with Producer Nick Raskulinecz, and special guest Pierce the Veil talk about their latest album “Misadventures.” If the world is grinding your gears, call the XL shoutBox, toll-free, at 877-MUSIC-11 and tell Lou! Keep up with with show news and contests at  www.harddriveradio.com.


Crusading against boring music everywhere, Lou Brutus fights the good fight every night on hardDrive XL! Featured artist of the week Korn’s Ray Luzier weighs in on his latest recording experience, while special guest Pop Evil talk about writing with their new drummer! How many shows has Lou been to in his life? Call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou! Check out www.harddriveradio.com to stay on top of everything hardDrive!


Bring the righteous fury of Rock and Roll, it’s Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Tonight, featured artist Korn tells Lou about the fantastic new videos they’ve been releasing, and special guest Chevelle talk about their excitement to tour in Europe! Got a music question that only Lou can answer? Call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou! Hit up www.harddriveradio.com for everything about hardDriveRadio!


End your week with style on hardDrive XL! Featured artist of the week Korn talks with Lou Brutus about the state of Rock Music, while special guest Hellyeah gets excited for HalloweenLzzy Hale will answer your questions in ASK LZZY, call in at 877-MUSIC-11! Keep an eye on www.harddriveradio.com and stay up to date with the latest in rock!


Happy Halloween! This week on hardDrive XL, Alter Bridge joins Lou Brutus on the air every night as featured artist of the week! Tonight’s special guest is Green Day! Plus, Lou will entertain you with Poetry Corner, Rant of the Day, and Weird World News! Keep up with all that’s happening on the show at www.harddriveradio.com!

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