Week of 09/16

Monday, Sep 16

Crank up the rock with Lou Brutus every night on hardDrive XL! Lou is joined every night this week by featured artist Starset, talking about the new album  “Divisions!” Special guest Ghost will tell Lou about future album plans! Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and tell him what you want to hear! 

Tuesday, Sep 17

Lou Brutus is your direct line to your favorite bands on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Starset returns fir more on new album “Divisions!” Tonight’s special guest is Dirty HoneyIf you’ve got a musical question, call 877-MUSIC-11 and Ask Lou!

Wednesday, Sep 18

The biggest rock stars are on your radio every night with hardDriveXL and Lou Brutus! Featured artist Starset returns for more in-depth conversation about new album “Divisions!” Lou has Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge as his special guest tonight, to talk about their new album, coming soon! If your life has got you seeing red, call the XL ShoutBox at 877-MUSIC-11!

Thursday, Sep 19

You know it’s hardDrive XL when you hear Lou Brutus on your radio! Featured artist Starset will tell Lou about the difficulties of self-producing! Special guest Korn is here to talk about shooting music videos! Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and tell him about your favorite concert!

Friday, Sep 20

Kick off your weekend with Lou Brutus on hardDrive XL! Featured artist Starset is here once more, with a look at their touring setup for the upcoming run! Special guest Ice Nine Kills will tell Lou their favorite films! Call Lou at 877-MUSIC-11 and be a part of the show!

Monday, Sep 23

hardDrive XL is the place to hear Lou Brutus with the rock stars you love! This week, Lou has Hellyeah as his featured artist every night! Plus special guest Halestorm is on the show too! Tune in for Lou’s Rant of the Day, Poetry Corner, and Weird World News!

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