Dirt - Wednesday, May 30

Hard to believe rent is almost due again and how quickly May rolled by, right?  Geez….Well, I was given this info  on strick embargo yesterday, but I see Blabbermouth pulled the curtain back already!  If you maggots have been to  Slipknot1.com lately,  then you saw the Sid video (warning, do not watch on a full stomach)  and you know the name of the forthcoming Slipknot greatest hits album is Antennas to Hell. (Hard for me to say fast for some reason.) It’s coming out Jul 17th with track listing TBA.  It’s  a retrospective of the band’s career and I am glad Clown is making these teaser videos. When you watch this clip (there will be 8 more,)  you will see what a genius (on the turntables) and idiot (this kid injures himself without abandon ALL THE TIME)  Sid is all wrapped up in one.  I told him he is one of the best DJ’s I have ever witnessed.  The sounds he gets are amazing.  And check him out as DJ Starstream too!  But he has NO COMMON SENSE when it comes to putting himself in danger.  Guess it’s all part of the adrenalin from a Knot show.  (When he gets to be my age, he’s REALLY gonna feel all those stunts gone wrong!  LOL)   Lou Brutus will have interviews with several members of the band and starting Jun 11th, we’re starting to give away a trip to see the Knot this summer, so be listening to hardDrive XL and hardDrive for complete info! …..10 Years released a new song yesterday called “Backlash.”  I really like it!  They brought the INTENSITY back! See Road Rage for some tour dates….Mighty Metallica is streaming their Sat Jun 2 show from Rock Am Ring live from Nurburgring, Germany at 3 PM EDT  via LiveStream.  Use this location and check out all the updates about Orion Music and More, which is less than a month away down in Atlantic City, NJ!   Listen for Lars Ulrich on hardDrive weekend Jun 16-17 and Metallica will be our Featured Artist of the Week Jun 18-22 on the XL…..Celebrating birthdays today:  Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, The Nightwatchman, Street Sweeper Social Club, activist turns 48 today.   Patrick Dahlheimer of Live is 41 and if you are a fan of The Voice, Cee-Loo Green turns 38.  (I met him as a member of the Goodie Mobb back in tha day!)

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