Dirt - Wednesday, May 09

Good day, friends!  I am so happy to have sat down last night with my friends Jonathan Davis and Munky from Korn.  They’re still pretty emotional about their reunion over the weekend with Head (seems to be the general feeling within the crew and with Head.)  The first stage of the “healing” behind the split in underway and that’s a good thing. They told me how awesome it was to have him in that slot on stage and what a rush it was. It’s certainly not like Head is coming back any time soon.  He has his thing he’s doing right now with Love and Death and Korn is still under way with their dub step era and touring behind The Path of Totality.  So if this could happen, think maybe a year and  half from now.  I am placing bets for a Nov ’13 event, personally.   I was kinda shocked when JD told me about his experiences visiting soldiers in Germany and Washington recently.  He said seeing and talking to  some of the wounded soldiers made him experience PTD reminding him of his days working in the coroner’s office in Bakersfield when he was younger.  He said he still carries those feelings today.  Whoa.  Meanwhile, on a lighter note, I brought the band cupcakes and was glad to see JD  eating some (told him he needed to eat the whole box since he’s too damn skinny!) But I can see why he’s lost the weight. He’s moving around on stage like he never has before!  Dancing constantly.  After our interview, he went into his J Devil mode, replete with those evil contact lens and mouth grill.   Scary boy!    And then onto the news of the two soon to be new dads in the band!  Both Munky and Fieldy and their wives are expecting!  Munky’s wife is due in November!  Nice!  Anyhow,  good times.  The new stage production is really great and I wish I owned a camera with a long lens so I could show you how cool it looked!  They really have it down when transitioning from old  Korn material to the new stuff and then into the hits.  They started the set out with “Divine,” “Predictable”, “No Place To Hide” and “Good God.”  Then digital images of JD and David Silvera  (which was weird to see actually)  are shown and then the slam into the dub step tunes “Narcissistic Cannibal,” “Chaos Live in Everything,”  “My Wall,”  “Get Up” and “Way Too Far.”  Then another video interlude into the hits:  “Here to Stay,” “Freak on a Leash,” “Falling Away From Me,”  “Another Brick in the Wall” and a video interlude into the encore:  “Shoots & Ladders/One”, “Got the Life” and “Blind.”  Their next few stops in the states are some radio festivals, including Band Camp in July in Madison, WI.  Then they head to Europe, Russia and India for the first time and are pretty stoked for those shows (3 dates.)  Be listening for the interviews with Munky and JD  on the air soon.  And as usual,  as I was making my way to the stage with the band, some guy backstage  asked me if I was one of their MOMS!  Munky, who was standing in the shadows nearby  as the guy asked that, said to me “You’re all our mothers!“  Pretty sweet!  (I usually respond to that question, “No I’m their lawyer!“)….Congrats to  Halestorm! The band  has made history as the first female-fronted rock band to hit Number One on the Active Rock radio chart. The group made that breakthrough with “Love Bites (So Do I),” the first single from their recently released sophomore album, The Strange Case Of . . . .Hurt & Taproot  have announced dates (more TBA) and I’ve posted in Road Rage….Apocalyptica are performing in Vancouver on May 21.  Wonderers are wondering if they are recording up there and if there is a new record in the wings????…I forgot to mention last week while I was running out to grab lunch, I noticed Alice in Chains singer William Duvall in a Tim Horton’s grabbing some coffee.  I walked in and asked him if the guys were in town recording and he told me no, that he was in town directing a film!   I was shocked!  So was he,  to have been recognized I think!  Was strange! Will investigate more to see what I can come up with……Loudwire reports Ozzy Osbourne will release a concert DVD called Speak Of The Devil on July 17th. The disc documents a show filmed back in June 1982 at California’s Irvine Meadows venue, shortly after the death of iconic guitarist Randy Rhoads. Ozzy and his band had just returned to the road for this performance, with Brad Gillis filling in for the late Rhoads, who had died three months earlier. The audio from the show has been digitally restored and remastered and is available in DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound for the first time. … .Is  the legendary downtown Manhattan rock club CBGB making a comeback? According to the New York Times, the new owners of the CBGB “brand” are planning a massive city-wide music festival this summer in New York and considering reopening the club at a new location at a later date. The CBGB Festival, set to run from July 5th to 8th, will include 300 bands at 30 locations across New York, from Central Park’s Summerstage to the Highline Ballroom to clubs like Lit Lounge. The original CBGB closed in 2006….Happy 5-0 to Depeche Mode’s David Gahan!

KORN :  together again! :)


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