Dirt - Wednesday, May 07

Went to the theatre last night, not to see a rock show, but to see Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston play Lyndon Baines Johnson in “All The Way.”  It begins as Vice President LBJ takes over as President after the murder of JFK.  It’s really worth it if you are headed to NYC.  Broadway, ain’t nothing like it!… As I briefly mentioned yesterday, Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat anounced their fall North American co-headlining tour. The trek, which will also feature support acts Hellyeah and Nothing More, gets underway on Sep 15th in Salt Lake City, winding down on Oct 24th in Las Vegas. Five Finger guitarist Zoltan Bathory told us this tour has been a long time coming: “We tried to do this actually for two years now. It just (was) always like, you know, they are in Europe, we are in Europe, so we could just never get it together. And finally, this is actually happening. We’ve been talking about it practically for years. Since we are good friends with these guys, we can design the whole production together, so it’s gonna be even bigger when both bands have the common goal (of) how do we make this tour the biggest possible rock tour of the fall.”   Rob Caggiano from Volbeat will drop by the studios today to fill us in on his band’s perspective of the run. See the Road Rage section for all the dates listed under all 4 bands….Today, Lou Brutus will be on the hotLine with Frankie Palmeri of Emmure…. Oh wish Angel from 96.3 The Blaze and I were at this show.  Foo Fighters played a surprise gig on Monday night (May 5th) at Washington D.C.’s legendary 9:30 Club, where frontman Dave Grohl told the Washington Post he went “hundreds of times” and saw shows that “changed his life” while growing up in nearby Virginia. Grohl was scheduled to be at the venue to host a birthday party for Big Tony Fischer of local favorites Trouble Funk and also play with members of the Bad Brains and his old band Scream. While he did both, he also brought along the Foos for an unannounced 17-song set.  The two-hour show stuck to Foo Fighters staples, opening with “Times Like These”and closing with “Everlong.” Love that band. Love Love Love….I heard a snippet of the new Godsmack single! I want to share this story because it’s so damn unique.  Especially for you geeky vinyl lovers out there. (I was once one myself. When I was your age, that’s all we had.  78′s, then 45′s and 33 1/3′s.  Then on to  cassettes, 8 tracks, CD’s, minidiscs and now digital.  Like the evolution of man.) Pulse of Radio reports former White Stripes‘ Jack White has unveiled what he’s calling the “ultra” edition of his upcoming solo album, Lazaretto. The 12-inch vinyl edition will feature a Side A that starts on the inside of the record and plays outward, with the outside edge of the record containing a locked groove that plays over and over again. There are also two songs hidden beneath the center labels that will only be available on the vinyl edition.  Also, the first song on Side B, called “Just One Drink,” will contain both an acoustic and electric intro that will merge together thanks to “double groove technology” and become one song.  One of the hidden songs will play at 78 RPM and the other at 45 RPM, making Lazaretto the first three-speed album.  The 180-gram vinyl itself will have both a flat and flashy finish, with the matte finish on Side B giving the record the appearance of a 78 RPM disc that has never been played.  Side A, meanwhile, contains a hand-etched hologram of a floating angel.  The vinyl edition contains different mixes of the songs than the digital versions, as well as a different running order. There is also no audio compression on the vinyl version.  Lazaretto arrives on June 10th and follows up White’s award-winning Number One solo debut, 2012′s Blunderbuss…..This is also from Pulse, by way of Spin.com.   A genius at Canada’s CBC Music edited together 40 hooks from 40 alt-rock tunes from the 90′s.  Very clever!  Watch it here…..Happy 53rd to Phil Campbell of Motorhead!

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