Dirt - Wednesday, Mar 07

 Shinedown's "Bully" video premiered over on our friend's Loudwire's site yesterday and it is really poignant.  I even shed a tear at the end.  This whole problem of bullying is coming to light now because artists like Shinedown, James Durbin, 12 Stones and others are beginning to bring it to the forefront instead of keeping it to themselves.  So many people, including myself, were or are bullied.  It's just got to stop.  Don't we have enough issues to deal with in our daily lives already?  I was also concerned some viewers of this video, as Brent Smith said in an interview with me, that people might misconstrue the message as fighting violence with violence.  The best thing is to point out to the person you are not worthless, you are not weak and that in numbers, with friends and family support, the "bully" will be outed and shunned.  Watch it and then watch it again. You don't see the kids ever hitting the "bully" in the video. What you do see is the kid confronting the bully and making him bow! And make a bully watch the video too!  Happy to report, Shinedown will be in NYC next week and we will have them over to the hardDrive studios!  Looking forward!…..Jane's Addiction has added more dates to their theater tour.  See 'em in Road Rage.  Also Lacuna Coil is opening for the Rob Zombie/Megadeth run.  Meanwhile, Rob Zombie is in post-production on his film, "The Lords of Salem."  John 5, Zombie's guitarist, is doing the score for it….Trent Reznor will be the Featured Artist of the Week on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus the week of Mar 19.  We'll hear from the elusive mastermind behind the recent soundtrack for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"  and the Academy Award winner composer of the score to "The Social Network."  We'll also find out what's up with nine inch nails! It's the first time Trent has been on our show in over 10 years!  Be listening all week!….April 20th will mark Johnny Cash's 80th birthday (he passed in 2003 at 71.)  Chris Cornell and Amy Lee of Evanescence will join Kris Kristofferson, Kenny Chesney, Shooter Jennings and Lucinda Williams at a taping at Austin City Limits Live.  Hopefully it will be televised at a later date….Here's a good one.  They're bringing "Animal House"  to Broadway!  Music is being done by Bare Naked Ladies and it'll be directed by the dude who did "The Book of Mormon."  Sounds crazy!…..Lou Brutus will be on the hotLine today with Charm City Devils' John Allen.  Their second album, "Sins," is due April 1….All That Remains  have chosen Adam D of Killswitch Engage to produce their new album.  I think this is the 3rd one with Adam if I am correct…..Happy 38th to Hugo Ferreira of Tantric.   

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