Dirt - Wednesday, Mar 28

 It's only  Wednesday? We are so freakin' busy with interviews this week, it's ridiculous!   Guess it's pre-production for Rock on the Range! LOL!  Candlebox's Kevin Martin, Peter Klett and Sean Hennesy were in the studios yesterday, along with Deuce and Jimmy Yuma.   Deuce did their first live performance up in Montreal on Monday at Music Plus and they were especially stoked.  (They literally came from the airport to our offices with a photographer from Loudwire in tow.) Look for "Nine Lives"  on Apr 24th.    The Candlebox guys were in doing pre-promo too for their "Love Stories and Other Musings,"  also due 4/24. The album will also include re-recorded versions of their biggest hits: Far Behind, You, Come Inside, Simple Lessons and more.   Always great catching up with Kevin.  He's another one of the good guys! Abd Lou Brutus was on the hotLine  and did a killer interview with Call Me No One's Morgan Rose….In other news, Stone Sour have announced they will commence work on their next album in Des Moines with tool producer David Bottrill.  The plan is to make a concept record centered around a story of a man who struggles with the paths he takes in life.  It's designed for the listener to figure out which path he ends up on.  Interesting.  Look for this album in the fall….In other news of Des Moiners,  Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn and his wife welcomed a son into the world last Friday (March 23rd). No other information about the birth is available yet. Meanwhile, in other Slipknot news, Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson  revealed  he's collaborating on a new project with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Wilson said, "I'm going to do an EP with Fred Durst. I don't want to say too much, but it's definitely part of this new, dirtier approach to music making I'm doing right now. It's great to work with Fred, he understands the harder edge of the world that I'm into." (Blabbermouth)…Look for the soundtrack to "The Avengers,"  entitled "Avengers Assemble" on May 1st.  The disc will include music written for and inspired by the movie from Soundgarden, Five Finger Death Punch, Rise Against, Shinedown, Evanescence, Bush, Papa Roach, Scott Weiland, Theory of a Deadman, Redlight King, Buckcherry and more.  Looks to be really good: both the soundtrack and the film, which opens May 4…Aaron Lewis is going back to the country well for his second solo album, "The Road."  This time around, the 10 song set will include one track written by outside writers, which is the first time in Aaron's career he's ever recorded a tune written for him!   Look for "The Road" Jun 10th. Meanwhile, you can find video of Aaron singing "Endless Summer," the first track off it on line, and there is a free download of "Red White & Blue" as well. Aaron is also up for "Vocal Event of the Year" at this Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards airing Sunday night….Slash and company will perform on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Tuesday night Apr 10th….Dave Grohl makes an appearance in a 6:00 video teaser for Tenaacious D's next album, "Rize of the Fenix."  Once again, Jack Black and Kyle Gass strive to be the best band in the world. (Good luck on your journey, boys!)  Find it online. Pretty funny…..Victory Records has released a teaser for Taproot's "The Episodes" album at victorytv.com.  Singer Stephen Richards told me the album's concept centers around a man who wakes up on a Sunday morning and is not quite sure what happened to him the night before.  It's intense.  Looking forward to the full video on April 4th when it debuts on Vevo….The Smashing Pumpkins will release "Oceania" on Jun 19th….Australia's Jet have decided to call it quits….Eve 6 will release "Speak the Code" on Apr 24….Fair to Midland released "Live at the Machine Shop" DVD on Tuesday, and you can also find  new music from RA frontman Sahaj Ticotin called "Another Minute."…3 Doors Down will tour with ZZ Top this summer on the "Gang of Outlaws" Tour.  Looking forward to seeing my ole pals in ZZ Top for sure!…Have a great day!  

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