Dirt - Wednesday, Jun 06

 Did you watch any part of the transit of venus across the sun yesterday? (although for you guys in Europe and beyond, you got it today.) Was kinda cool, especially since we won’t see it again in our lifetime.  And talk about timely!  Three Days Grace has announced Transit Of Venus as the name of the band’s fourth studio album, which is due for release on Oct 2nd. The Canadian group unveiled the news via a video posted at its website, which also explained the meaning of the title. The transit of Venus occurs when the second planet in our solar system passes between the Sun and the Earth, and can be seen as a black disc moving across the sun.The teaser vidie is pretty cool and is crunchy, too!    Check it out here!…Linkin Park‘s Berlin, Germany date they filmed last night was in an old classic theater.  The event, Linkin Park One Night Concert Event:  Recorded Live in Berlin, is screening in theaters on Jun 25th and a complete listing of cinemas is hereMuse announced via a video teaser their new album The 2nd Law, will be out in Sept.  They also had a snippet of a song with a heavy dub step influence called “Unsustainable” in the clip.  Wonderers are wondering  if that’s the first single?… .Pulse of Radio reports Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman Billy Corgan said he plans to make a reality show about running a wrestling organization. Corgan, who in 2011 launched the wrestling company Resistance Pro, told Mister Saint Laurent of the Major League Wrestling podcast, “We’re trying to get a reality show made. We just signed a deal with a big reality show producer. A guy with an incredible track record. We’re in good hands.“  He added, “We believe that wrestling is fascinating on many, many levels. Socially, politically, even economically. The struggles independent wrestlers go through to try to find work. Those are real struggles that anybody can identify with. We want to show what goes on in a wrestling company behind the scenes.” Corgan explained, “I’ve had like nine or ten meetings so far about it. With different people. A lot of them wanted to know if this would be your typical manufactured reality show and I told them that with a wrestling company, you don’t have to manufacture reality. There’s plenty of it to go around.” The new Smashing Pumpkins album, Oceania, will be available in stores and online on the 19th….Shinedown have announced a ton of new dates leading up to their run on the RockStar Uproar Tour.  See Road Rage.  They’re bringing Papa Roach, Adelitas Way and In This Moment with them….Slipknot have posted another “Antennas to Hell” teaser.  Love it!  ….Spoke with Jared Weeks of Saving Abel the other day.  And count Saving Abel in as just one more band getting on the anti-bullying bandwagon with “Bringing Down the Giant.”  He told me he got a whole slew of Mississippi high schools together to participate in the video for the song  and sounds really excited about it.  We should be seeing it soon!…. Lotsa birthdays today: my friends James Munky Shaffer of Korn  turns 42, Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil is 40, and Tom Araya of Slayer is 51.

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