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Hope you had a rad long Fourth of July holiday!  I got to see the Albany Symphony outdoors before fireworks and made it home in time to watch the awesomeness of the Macy’s Fireworks display in NYC on the tube.  Man, that was amazing!

The Pulse Of Radio posted that video interview with Corey Taylor, who is out and about with his band doing a tour and tons of press for his new Stone Sour album, Hydrograd.  In this clip, he’s answering questions from Australian fans.  Enjoy!

For you Staind fans who might be wondering about the band’s future, it’s still on hold. According to a report on The Pulse Of Radio, the frontmanAaron Lewis, will appear on a new album that features poems written by the legendary Johnny Cash. The poetry will be set to music created by Johnny and June Carter Cash’s son, renowned producer, John Carter Cash.

Lewis traveled to Nashville to record at Cash’s Cabin. A studio on the land that Johnny Cash once owned. As reported recently, Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music  will also feature late Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell, as well as T-Bone Burnett.

Aaron has been pursuing a career in country music now since releasing his first country music EP Town Line in 2011, followed by  his debut album, The Road in 2012 and Sinner in 2016.   So in the meantime, enjoy his cover version of Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash rendering of “Hurt.”

Brian Burkheiser in hospital Jul 01, 2017 Atlanta, GA via Brian's Twitter

Brian Burkheiser I Prevail...courtesy Brian's Twitter

Oh no!  I Prevail vocalist  Brian Burkheiser was hospitalized with a virus after a show in Atlanta on Saturday. He posted a photo from his hospital room on Twitter and stated: “Not quite how I expected to spend my Saturday night, but the show must go on. Here’s to getting back to 100%.”

By the next day, he was already back on the road. I Prevail will play in Charlotte, NC on Thursday night (7-6) and will continue on for shows in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut for the weekend.  See Road Rage for all of the rest of I Prevail’s touring schedule.

Lars-Philadelphia May 12, 2017-photo: Ross Halfrin

Blabbermouth reporting in an interview with NewsweekMetallica’s Lars Ulrich spoke about the band’s ongoing tour schedule and said, “Not only do we tour a lot on the back of records, but we also tour even when there’s no records. Touring is obviously an important thing for us.” He followed up by saying, “We kind of found a way to do it in a way that’s tolerable. We never leave home for more than two weeks and no one goes off the deep end or loses their mind.” About their set list, he said, “When we’re playing stadiums, you want to try to cast the net wide to the so-called, I say this word cautiously… hits and the songs that are more on the toe-tapping side.” And Ulrich commented that the band has a tendency to play more deep cuts when performing in smaller venues.

Metallica is touring in support of their current album Hardwired…To Self–Destruct and will play in Orlando, FL tonight. (July 5.)

System Of A Down circa 2014: Shavo Odadjian, Daron Malakian, John Dolmayan, Serj Tankian

Blabbermouth also reporting today that these boys, System Of A Down, who Lars Ulrich turned me on to, will not be in the spotlight any time soon.  This according to a post from bassist Shavo Odadjian. Drummer John Dolmayan revealed in a 2016 interview with Kerrang! magazine that the band had written more than a dozen new songs for a possible follow-up to Mezmerize and Hypnotize, which came out in 2005.  The band went on hiatus in the fall of that year, although they have toured most summers since 2011.

On July 2, Odadjian took part in a video question-and-answer session with fans, and was asked about the status of the new System disc. “I’m waiting for a new album too,” he responded (see video above). “It’s not happening. I don’t know. I don’t know when it’s gonna be. Not right now.”

Dolmayan said in a recent interview that it’s “very disheartening” that the band hasn’t released a new album in nearly twelve years. Speaking to Las Vegas radio station X107.5Dolmayan said: “In our band, the difficulty really isn’t, ‘Is one of us gonna fall off the wagon or get into a bad situation?’ It’s really a matter of, ‘Are we gonna come together and make something happen?’ It’s been about twelve years since we’ve put out an album.”

He continued: “I don’t know why we aren’t coming out with an album. It’s very disheartening, because it seems like we all get along, we all have a great time touring, we still are putting together really good music. I think that we can put out a fantastic album.”

Dolmayan maintained that music for a new SYSTEM album does exist, and that he feels it can “match or beat anything we’ve done in the past… It’s a matter of getting together and putting aside whatever differences, or whatever problems people have — which don’t seen to surface when we’re together, by the way.”

Singer Serj Tankian — long speculated to be the holdout on recording — not long ago said that a new album was not on the radar. “As far as a System record, there’s nothing in the plans right now,” he said. “It’s something that we’ll do down the line when it’s the right time. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now on my own, and trying to get all those releases out and work on them. But we’ve really been enjoying playing together on tour and having a blast, and I think our performance is actually better than it’s ever been in our heyday.

The band is spending  part of July in Europe playing summer festivals and select headline dates.


And finally today, In This Moment performed a new song off their forthcoming album, Ritual, over the weekend. They were joined on stage by Motionless In White’s Chris Motionless for “Black Wedding,”    The song as it appears on the new album features guest vocals from Judas Priest’s “Metal God”  Rob Halford.

Ritual drops Jul 21st and was once again produced by Kevin Churko in Las Vegas.   The band is on tour now with Motionless In White, StarsetVimic and Little Miss Nasty.  See the Road Rage page for all the dates!

Meanwhile, regarding the new album, Maria Brink said “It’s like we’re going into the next realm. I had a conviction of feeling empowered in my life and with myself. I always write from a personal place, and I needed to share that sense of strength. I’ve never been afraid to hold back. Sometimes I can be very suggestive. However, I wanted to show our fans that this is the most powerful side of myself and it’s without overt sexuality. It’s that deeper serious fire inside of my heart.

When fans hear this, I want them to feel the music, whether they take away sadness, anger, or happiness,” added lead guitarist Chris Howorth. “As a kid, I remember listening to records and putting them on repeat over and over again. I’d love for the world to listen and absorb this as a piece of work.”

Have a great day!

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