Dirt - Wednesday, Jan 25

 What a week so far!   Interviews with Lacuna Coil, Chevelle, Dark New Day and tomorrow, Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf will fill me in on what’s up with her band and her solo song with former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo "Heavy Prey" that appears on the "Underworld: Awakening" soundtrack.  (Lacuna Coil also has a remix of "Trip the Darkness" on there, along with Linkin Park‘s "Blackout" remix  and others!  Worth checking out!). Meanwhile, we are hoping ONE of those bands will headline this spring’s hardDrive Live Tour.  Stay tuned!..Skillet surprised me by announcing a huge tour that kicks off this week!  And My Darkest Days are doing a brief  7-stop trek with friends The Veer Union and I’ve posted both in Road Rage….Halestorm has a new 4-song EP out now  called "Hello It’s Mz Hyde"  with tunes off their forthcoming "The Strange Case of…." album which is slated for an Apr 10th release.  Check it out!…."All I Was" will be the title of Mark Tremonti‘s solo record.  The Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist describes the work as much heavier than music he does for either of his other bands!   Mark!  I knew ya had it in ya!  And in other news, Myles Kennedy, Alter Bridge/Slash singer, also has a solo record in the works.  We suspect both will be out in the Spring…..Sully Erna and Mike Mushok will drop by next Thu to talk about their upcoming Mass Chaos Tour together.  Won’t they be surprised when they see a NY GIANTS banner in our lobby!  ; > …..Man, I listened to some music from two new bands yesterday that you are gonna be blown when you hear them: Avatar from Sweden and Otherwise from Las Vegas.  Just saying and ya heard it from me!  Meanwhile, today should be the big announcement of the Rockstar Mayhem Tour.  Check back later for more!

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