Dirt - Wednesday, Jan 04

Well, it’s my annual upper respiratory infection!  Like damn clockwork, I can plan on it.   UGH!   Slept about 90 minutes last night and coughed up a lung.  Yeck!  Hopefully I will be ok by tomorrow since it’s a big day!   I was invited to be one of the lucky 250 people to see Van Halen perform at Cafe Wha? in NYC!  Turns out there will be a new single dropping on Monday called "Tattoo,"  as well as a tour announcement.  I also heard a rumor they could be taking Alter Bridge and Kool and the Gang  on tour (yes, you read correctly, KOOL AND THE GANG!)   I dunno how true this is, but sounds crazy!  VH also plan to release an album on Feb 7th.  It will be their first since 1984!!….And  tomorrow, Atlantic Records invited me to hear the brand new Shinedown album, "Amaryllis,"  over at the studio in NYC where they did their showcase for the label before they were signed!   I hear Brent Smith will be there.  Looking forward to that.  I am excited for them and love the new single "Bully."  The lyric video is out there for it and all you bullies out there, we’re watching you!!!  Meanwhile, Shinedown fans can pre-order the album on Mon, Jan 17th.  It hits the street Mar 27th…..This coming Monday, Nickelback will be announcing their huge tour I am hearing kicks off  on April 10th. It’s a solid  bill and I think you are gonna love it!…..My Darkest Days will be dropping their new single "Casual Sex" on Monday.  Their second album is due April 3rd and was produced by  writer/producer Joey Moi, who’s worked with Nickelback, Daughtry and others and I believe he is also  Chad Kroeger‘s label partner in 604 Records….Halestorm performed a new song on New Year’s Eve at a hometown show in Harrisburg, PA called "Here’s to You."  Of course, it’s on YouTube!….Here’s a shocker! (well, maybe.)  Saw a report on RockAccess where Josey Scott has left Saliva to pursue a solo career and is being replaced by Bobby Amaru, the former drummer for Burn Season.  Waiting to hear confirmation from Saliva management……Hurt dropped a new single "How We End Up Alone" from their forthcoming "The Crux" album, which will drop Mar 27th. 

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