Dirt - Wednesday, Feb 08

 Good day friends!   I am so excited to read this news on Pulse of Radio this morning, I must share! Deftones bassist Chi Cheng is showing more signs of emerging from a semi-comatose state to a semi-conscious state, over three years since he was gravely injured in a November 2008 car crash. According to Metal Underground, Cheng is now able to move his leg on command, but is still otherwise unable to move or speak aside from grunting noises he began making in October. Cheng required surgery after the car accident to remove part of his brain, but his recovery was strong enough he was taken off life support seven months later.  Over the course of the past two years, Cheng has emerged from his coma for brief intervals. He opens his eyes and apparently can see and hear things going on around him, but cannot respond verbally.  Nevertheless, Cheng’s family is running out of money. He is staying in a special facility in New Jersey and lost his insurance just months after the accident.  His family reportedly has just $17,000 out of the total $250,000 needed for his full course of treatment and recovery.If you can help, hit this right now:  www.oneloveforchi.com.  Thank you!….The other big news item that will definitely make you smile is the ORION MUSIC AND MORE two-day rock festival extravaganza Metallica is throwing down in Atlantic City, NJ on Sat-Sun Jun 23-24!  The band did an aon-line press conference yesterday via LiveStream and said the name of the two day event is in honor of former bassist  Cliff Burton.  The show will be held at an old airfield in the heart of AC along the ocean called Bader Field.  The line-up so far:  Metallica headlines both nights.  First night, they’ll do the “Black Album“  in it’s entirety and the second night, “Ride the Lightning.” OMG!  Avenged Sevenfold (yeah!), Cage the Elephant, Artic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Gary Clark, Jr.,. Gaslight Anthem, Best Coast, Roky Erickson, Lucero, The Sword.  You’ll have to go online to find out who some of these groups are, but more will be added.  Lars Ulrich is helping to arrange the bands and likes all kinds of music from the ecclectic to the hard.  I so hope they invite Avatar!  I think it would be cool!  I am actually interviewing Avatar’s singer today and told their manager to get a call into  promoters C3 and Metallica!  Hope it happens!  Anyhow, tix on sale today for Met Club members through Friday and on Saturday, general on sale happens.  I heard two-day tix are $225.  But there will be more there than just music.  Of course, AC is a gambling town and it has some really nice beaches. And I am hearing things about car shows and other life style events  will also take place.  Hit www.orionmusicandmore.com for more!…..Happy 35th today to David Michael “Phoenix”  Farrell  of Linkin Park who turns 35 today!  Have a great day! 

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