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I’ll have another Foos beer, please!  Oh I LOVE this story!  The Pulse Of Radio says  Foo Fighters have announced via Twitter that they’ll be opening their own pub in London to commemorate the arrival of the band’s new album Concrete And Gold. The pub, called the Foo Fighters Arms, will only be open for a week, starting on Sep 14th and ending on the 20th. The venue will throw a release party for Concrete And Gold on the day of the LP’s arrival. The pub will sell Foo Fighters beers and limited edition Foo Fighters merchandise items. The pub’s official website also revealed plans to “host a series of events for both fans and the general public” and hold a Foo Fighters pub quiz next Monday (Sep 18th) with exclusive prizes.  BTW:  There are some song snippets on their Twitter page to check out, too!

Concrete And Gold is the Foos’ ninth studio album. The follow-up to 2014′s Sonic Highways features guest appearances from Justin TimberlakePaul McCartney and more. The band has issued three songs so far from the disc, including “Run,” “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” and “The Line.”

Foo Fighters have lined up a fall North American tour that kicks off on Oct 7th in San Bernardino, California with Cal Jam 17, featuring the Foos, Queens Of The Stone AgeCage The ElephantLiam GallagherRoyal BloodThe Struts and more. The rest of the tour begins on Oct 12th in Washington D.C.

We Came As Romans

Another one of Detroit’s favorite sons, We Came As Romans, are back and heading out on tour with I Prevail, The Word Alive and Escape The Fate!  They also have a new album, Cold Like War, set for Oct 20th.

The  2015 hardDrive Live Tour band, are just the nicest dudes you will ever want to meet, but I guess that holds true for just about every Michigan band we know,  have released four full-length releases, charted #8, #11 and #21 respectively on the Billboard Top 200, performed in five continents and 40 different countries and that doesn’t even begin to touch on what they have in the works for 2017.  2017 is the start of a new era for We Came as Romans.  Here’s the video for “Cold Like War.”

In a word, the album represents adversity—in all of its various forms. It is a thrilling, energetic and immensely catchy compendium of songs that run the full gambit of emotion—aggression to sorrow, love to hate—to capture the fullest extent of the conflict and turmoil We Came as Romans endured to make it to this point in their careers and their lives.

Cold Like War is about struggle, those trials,” says guitarist and songwriter Joshua Moore. “They can turn us towards each other, towards those we love, towards those who have supported us. Because the last two years to us have felt like this giant war—an internal war—to figure out the right path for our band… to figure out how to stay together and be happy again.”

1. Vultures With Clipped Wings
2. Cold Like War
3. Two Hands
4. Lost In The Moment
5. Foreign Fire
6. Wasted Age
7. Encoder
8. If There’s Something To See (Feat. Eric Vanlerberghe from I Prevail)
9. Promise Me
10. Learning To Survive

Marilyn Manson Details 'Heaven Upside Down' LP

He’s baaaccckkk!  The Pulse Of Radio and Rolling Stone report The “Pale Emperor,” Marilyn Manson, has returned with a new single, “KILL4ME,”  and revealed info on his his 10th studio album,  titled Heaven Upside Down, which will be released on Oct 6th.  Last year, Manson had said he wanted to release it as Say10 on Valentine’s Day.  The 10-song LP  still contains a song titled Say10. The shock rocker also previewed a track, called “We Know Where You F**king Live.” Other tracks on the new Manson album include,  the title cut,  “Revelation #12,” ”Tattooed In Reverse,” “KILL4ME,” “Saturnalia,” “JE$U$ CRI$I$,” “Blood Honey” and “Threats Of Romance.”

The new disc will follow up Manson’s 2015 effort, The Pale Emperor. Manson told Rolling Stone album the new disc, “It’s not very much in any way like The Pale Emperor. The people who have heard the new songs said it reminded them of their favorite parts of Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals – but with a new, different approach. It’s pretty violent in its nature for some reason.”  The singer will kick off a North American tour on September 27th in Silver Spring, MD.

Alternative Press posted a story with our friend Shawn M. Crahan, aka Clown, from SlipknotWith the new Stephen King movie It becoming a monster hit thanks in part to its terrifying villain, the evil Pennywise the Dancing ClownAlternative Press asked the Slipknot percussionist  for his opinion on Pennywise and other creepy clowns who have their made into the pop culture zeitgeist.

Crahan admitted to not seeing Bill Skarsgard play Pennywise in the new It yet. But he had high marks for Tim Curry‘s version in the 1990 miniseries, saying, “Pennywise: only Tim Curry. It’s all about the human that’s behind the clown. So, the first is Mr. Curry. He’s too much; he’s just perfect. I haven’t seen the new one yet — I haven’t even seen any of the trailers — but we’ll see how that does. We’ll see if the thought process and the performance happens.

Speaking of a presumably more fan-friendly clown, Crahan offered, “Ronald McDonald? We gotta be careful what we say about Ronald . . . we’re eating his food. We don’t know what’s in it, we just know we like it. That clown there, that’s a serious clown because he’s backed by money. It’s corporate. You gotta kinda bow to that clown.”

Remarking on the mysterious clown sightings that spooked people around the country last year, Clown said, “When you look at these clowns, most of them — you can tell immediately — are just bulls**t. But the ones that were real? Some f**king clown that is like 10 feet into the forest, behind a fence, in front of a Dumpster? That’s the clown to be worried about, if you’re worried about clowns.”

Crahan told us a while back that his own image as a clown is always evolving: “We’re not a Kiss thing. I love Kiss, they’re the reason I play music, so no, you know, there’s no disrespect here, but I’m not gonna be left to have, you know, demon eyes for my whole career. I can’t do it. I’m too over here, there, and everywhere to ever have to be that one thing forever. I’m not. We’re an ongoing experiment that we play, and we change.”

Crahan has directed Slipknot’s new concert documentary film, Day Of The Gusano, which will be released in various Blu-ray, DVD and live album combos on Oct 20th. The band is also in the early stages of writing a new LP.

Prophets of Rage appeared on last night’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  Check it out!  Tonight they perform at the Apollo Theater with Living Colour in NYC and continue their tour.  See Road Rage for all the info on their tour.  And be looking out for a new video interview with the band posted on the hardDriveRadio YouTube Channel very soon!

Meanwhile, Sunday marked the 15th World Suicide Prevention DayDraven Bennington (Chester‘s son)  recorded the PSA posted above.  If you are feeling helpless or hopeless, before thinking of the worst, please please please contact a friend, your parents, or just 800-273-8255.   Please.

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