Dirt - Tuesday, Oct 15

You know what I love about Tuesdays? NEW MUSIC! Today we get new albums from PEARL JAM and TRIVIUM! First up, Pearl Jam gives us LIGHTNING BOLT! Last album we got from them was 2009′s Backspacer, finally the wait is over! Guitarist Mike McRCready told Pulse of Radio that the band did not want to hurry the process just for the sake of getting a record out: “Brandon was kind of wanting us to finish this record on the first pass-through but everybody was kind of not ready to go through that process yet, I think. And Matt (Cameron, drums) went out with Soundgarden and Ed (Vedder, vocals) did some solo touring, and I did some scoring and we all kind of did our separate things in between doing those two sessions. It might have been frustrating for Brendan at times, but we’ve kind of taken the time in our career to know that we can take our time with this now.” If you happen to live or work in New York City, the band has a one-day only pop-up store on downtown Broadway, which will be selling exclusive shirts and artwork from the album. These items will also be available at the bands show in Brooklyn this weekend! … Next up, we’ve got VENGENCE FALLS from Trivium! The guys wrote this album with producer DAVID DRAIMAN, and his influence can definitely be heard in this latest record. Frontman Matt Heafy told Loudwire  “Speaking in terms of everything that can be done on the record. Lyrics, visuals, songwriting and instrumentation. All of that I think, every key ingredient from the past five records are present in ‘Vengeance Falls’. I think it came with time.” Matt and Paolo will be joining Lou on hardDrive this weekend as our Plugged in artist, be sure to listen in!

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