Dirt - Tuesday, May 26

Happy Monday, I mean TUESDAY! ….Love starting the day out with a story on Corey Taylor.  The man, the mouth, the legend!   Pulse Of Radio reporting today the Slipknot frontman says despite the 2013 release of a disc titled Save Rock and Roll, the pop-punk band Fall Out Boy is not, in fact, doing any such thing. Taylor is making the rounds promoting his new book, titled You’re Making Me Hate You: A Cantankerous Look at the Common Misconception That Humans Have Any Common Sense Left. The book is a personal rumination on his life, rock and society in general.

In an interview with Kerrang, Taylor says: “I take a lot of ‘popular music’ to task and people who are hailed as geniuses but didn’t really earn it. Some of the things that come out of these people’s mouths are just f**king unbelievable.

Citing Fall Out Boy and the Save Rock and Roll record specifically, he says: “I’ve got a couple of friends who are in this band, but Fall Out Boy saying they’re going to ‘save rock ‘n’ roll’ . . . Are you f**king kidding me? You? With the s**t that I’ve heard for the last two albums, that’s you saving f**king rock and roll? No, I don’t think so.”   He adds, “Whether it’s Fall Out Boy saying they’re saving rock ‘n’ roll or Gene Simmons saying rock is already dead, I’m standing here with sold out shows, a Number One album around the world and I’m going, ‘Really? When did this happen?’”   Taylor concludes, “Rock ebbs and flows. It always has. As shiny and new as these people like to think pop music is, it’s the same six people who write every f**king song for some of these talentless f**kholes and I’m not worried about anything. These people have been trying to kill us for 30 years and it keeps not happening.”     Look for Mr Taylor’s new book  July 07th.  I will start reading it tomorrow as I undergo some hopefully not too nasty knee surgery.

Oh no, SHAARRRRONNNNNNNNSharon Osbourne has decided to take a month off from The Talk after a recent health scare. The 62 year-old wife of Ozzy Osbourne collapsed after returning home to Los Angeles  from a trip  to NYC and Toronto on May 15th. According to People, the talk show co-host is suffering from extreme exhaustion. A rep for Osbourne told E! News, “Her doctors report that she is suffering from ‘extreme exhaustion’ and assessed that she most likely returned to work too soon after being hospitalized recently for pneumonia . . . Sharon has been advised and has agreed to to take a month hiatus to recover fully from these recent events. Sharon would like to thank everyone at The Talk for granting her this time off and to all friends, family and others for their incredible support.”  A couple of months ago, Osbourne contracted pneumonia after a hernia surgery. In 2012, she had a double mastectomy as a prevent measure against developing breast cancer. The Brit also is a colon cancer survivor.   In other Osbourne news, Blabbermouth reports Ozzy and Sharon recently took over Ozzy’s Boneyard channel on satellite radio to play songs from their definitive list of “Ultimate Guitar Gods”. Before playing the Metallica song “Battery”, Sharon said: “I feel like we’re their parents. We’ve known them from when they were so young, and seeing them all grow up, have their own families… And since Robert [Trujillo, former Ozzy Osbourne and current Metallica bassist], who is, like… he is part of the Osbourne family. [Since] Robert Trujillo joined them, we’re even more connected with them. It’s family. You know, they are family. And [we have] so much respect for Metallica. And [I] just personally love each and every one of ‘em.“  She added: “[Metallica drummer] Lars [Ulrich] is a bit of a bigmouth — he needs a good slap sometimes — but we love him.”

Shocking news today from Chicago. Pulse Of Radio reports a 24-year-old man fell to his death during a Chevelle concert at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on Friday, May 22nd, according to reports.

The fan, Kyle Kirchhoff, fell around 10:20 p.m. when he and two of his friends made their way through a door on the second-floor balcony of the Aragon and decided to watch the show from a catwalk. When Kirchoff’s friends noticed we was no longer with them, a report in the Chicago Tribune says they found his body impaled on two metal rods, 6 to 8 feet below the catwalk. A report on WGN states that he was impaled by the pipes of an organ after stepping onto a plastered area that gave way.  Kirchhoff was pronounced dead at a hospital at 10:54 p.m.

Chevelle addressed the tragedy on Facebook, writing: “To our fans, as you may or may not have heard, an extremely unfortunate event occurred at our show in Chicago Friday night.” The post continues: “We were asked by police to stop our set so that the authorities could tend to an injured fan. Once the severity of the accident was determined the authorities cleared out the venue to give them time to investigate. We want to thank our Chicago fans for their respect of the authorities and for understanding that these decisions made by the authorities were out of our control. We love our fans in Chicago and while there was no question that the show would be cut short in light of this tragic event, we will be sure to play for you all again as soon as possible.” The post concludes: “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Chevelle fan Kyle Kirchhoff and at this time we ask that you all keep Kyle and his family in your thoughts and prayers… S.P.D.”  Police are investigating. Chevelle cut their encore short after being told a fan was injured.  How horribly sad!  Our hearts go out.

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