Dirt - Tuesday, May 15

 Holy cow!  I can not believe what poor Slash has to contend with!  First, all the unending questions about whether Guns N’ Roses would reunite for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. At least he can put that dog to rest.  Now comes news yesterday of Scott Weiland telling ABC News he plans to tour with Velvet Revolver again and intends to start writing new material with Duff McKagan and Dave Kushner next week.  Ok.  But when Slash heard about the news while at radio station 93X in Minneapolis, he begged to differ! He said he hadn’t heard about that, and  I believe the words “Crazy talk” and “I’m nor going back there“  were uttered.   We will check in with Slash over the weekend and he returns to the hardDrive studios in NYC on Monday.  I mean, “Hello, Scott?!!!” You are touring with Stone Temple Pilots and are supposed to be writing for a new album.  Did you confuse Duff and Dave with Dean and Robert, perhaps?  They are set to do a festival near Detroit in mid August.  And the Core Tour starts later that month.  I dunno what that dude is on, but reality, it ain’t!…..Rob Zombie  told Boston’s The Aquarian Weekly  “The Lords Of Salem” is “a different movie for me. I hate calling it a horror movie because it’s more than that. It’s very much like a psychological terror film, and it’s a very different style. The other films were very in-your-face violent. This is more like a total mindfuck movie, and it’s just very different, but I’m very excited about it because the fans of what I’ve done will love it, but it’s a very different trip than I’ve tried before because I didn’t want to just go and do the same thing again — and after doing two ‘Halloween’ films in a row, I wanted to break the mold of anything like that — but very, very different.”  We’ll be quizzing Rob about horror movies from the 60′s  when we see him on Sunday! The film should be out this year starring his wife Sheri Moon Zombie, Tim Burton’s ex Lisa Marie, Maria Conchito Alonzo, Bruce Davison and Sid Haig.  Should be interesting.  He’s showing a trailer during his set…..Listening to Pantera‘s Vulgar Display of Power.  Hard to believe it was released 20 years ago!   Also in stores today Godsmack‘s Live & Inspired, Tenacious D Rize of the Fenix….In This Moment is releasing a single and album called Blood.  The CD is out 8/14….Taproot have been added to JJO‘s Band Camp Jul 28th. Updated their tour and Hurt in Road Rage….Tours in the works and almost ready to be announced:  48 Hours Festival in Sep in Vegas and Carnival of Madness….Happy 38th to Frank Zappa’s youngest son, Ahmet.

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