Dirt - Tuesday, May 08

Good day folks!   Getting ready to head out to Long Island to catch up with my boyz Korn!  Gonna sit down with Munky and Jonathan and I can not wait to give them huge hugs because I am still so emotional about their reunion with Head onstage over the weekend at Carolina Rebellion.  I was emailing with Head yesterday and he kept telling me how great it was to be back with family.  There were a lot of hugs and tears for sure. Head never told the band he was coming to the show.  (Although I knew.)  It was the day I was hoping for 7 long years.  What is it about absence making the heart grow fonder, eh?  Also looking forward to J Devil‘s set tonight at the Paramount out in Huntington, Long Island.  Hearing good things about the venue.  My first time there.   More to report tomorrow for sure. Check out Munky and Head-together again! (thanks for the foto, Head!)Metallica performed its 1991 self-titled fifth album, a.k.a. “the black album,” in its entirety for the first time ever on Monday night (May 7th) at the first show of the band’s spring/summer European tour in Prague, the Czech Republic. According to Blabbermouth, the band played the album backwards, starting with closing number “The Struggle Within” and ending with “Enter Sandman.”  Asked why Metallica decided to play the entire “black album” on this tour, drummer Lars Ulrich told Kerrang! magazine, “The people at (the U.K.’s) Download (festival) asked. It wasn’t our idea . . . although we haven’t played at Donington for six years, we have been to the U.K. pretty much every single summer since then. So they wanted us to do something different, and that’s what they came up with.”  Fans can look forward to hearing that themselves when they attend the Orion Music and More Festival next month! (Thanks Pulse of Radio/Blabbermouth.)….Hoobastank are getting ready to return with new music, a new label and new management.  Their 5th studio album, Fight or Flight, is set for Jul 31st and you can register now at  hoobastank.com to get a free copy of their single “This is Gonna Hurt.“  We should have Doug, Dan and the guys dropping by in the coming weeks…..Happy 59th today to Alex Van Halen.  And a very Happy 67th to Bob Seger. 

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