Dirt - Tuesday, Mar 27

 Had  a blast with Slash yesterday in the hardDriveRadio studios here in NYC!   He's so awesome and so down to earth for one of the biggest rock stars on the planet.  Signed our Nitemare B4 Xmas guitar (yeah!)  and we did a video interview you'll be seeing soon.  Plus the new album is great (Amazon.com has snippets)  and he's stoked about getting out on the road to tour behind this record.  So life is good with Slash!  Be listening for the interview on upcoming editions of hardDrive and hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus…..You'll be able to find Soundgarden's first new song in 16 years "Live to Rise" on the forthcoming soundtrack to "The Avengers," the next superhero movie opening May 4th.  The soundtrack will be out May 1st.  Meanwhile, Soundgarden is working on their first album that should be out later this year.  Hit SoundgardenWorld.com for more….What a drag!  Former Korn drummer David Silveria was busted on Sunday in Huntington Beach, CA (where he lives and owns a sports bar) for drunk driving and drug possession. Apparently he hit several parked cars and was stinking drunk when he arrived at the police station according to an eye witness report.  Sad.  What happened to you,  David?  Thought you got over that part of your life!  Rehab is calling….Over the weekend I watched the new Alter Bridge DVD "Live at Wembley" and I gotta tell ya, it's really great.  Myles, Mark, Scott and Brian had that huge audience in the palms of their hands! If you're a fan, it's well worth the cash! I plan to be on the hotLine with both Mark and Myles later this week!  And today, Deuce and  Candlebox hit the hardDriveRadio studios, Lou also has Morgan Rose from Call Me No One on the hotLine and P.O.D.'s Sonny Sandoval is on the hotLine on Thursday.  Another busy week!….I was over on the Linkin Park website!  Check out their Asia Tour webisode.  I forgot what punsters these guys are!   Great stuff!….Poor Jack Osbourne!  The soon to be wedded/soon to be dad had to have an emergency appendictomy over the weekend.  Don't get hooked on the drugs again, JackO!…..The Black Keys will be one of the performers this weekend in New Orleans during the Final Four.  Kiss and Jimmy Buffett will also be headlining the outdoor free shows Mar 30-Apr 1…Any Mad Men fans out there?  Can you believe they are releasing the "Zou Bisou Bisou" song Megan sang to Don at his surprise birthday party.  How wacky! I'm trying to wipe that thing from my memory!!!….Saving Abel have left Capitol/EMI and have signed with EOne Entertainment.  They should have a new album out later this year…The Used announce a tour.  See it in ROAD RAGE!….Tons of new albums in stores/online  today including Shinedown's "Amaryllis,"  Hurt "The Crux," Janus "Nox Aeris" amd The Veer Union "Divide the Blackened Sky."….Happy 47th to Staind's Johnny April, Happy 38th to Finger Eleven's Scott Anderson and Happy 49th to Quentin Tarantino.

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