Dirt - Tuesday, Mar 13

 Slipknot percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan will premiere his new book of photography, called Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey, on Thursday (Mar 15th) at the South By Southwest music and film festival in Austin, TX. The tome will arrive in June from MTV Books and is described as "weird, wired, paranoid, endlessly imaginative and cancerously prolific." Crahan got no less a rock legend than Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich to write the foreword. Ulrich wrote in part, "Throw yourself into Clown's world, throw yourself into Clown's book, throw yourself into Clown's images . . . as you're going on that trip through this book, occasionally imagine Clown next to you. Imagine hearing his voice in your head talking about what these images and experiences have meant to him and where he was going with it. And you will end up on one f*** of a ride, that I can guarantee you will be unique, spellbinding, and potentially life-altering. This book is everything that art should be."  Lou Brutus will talk to Clown today on the hotLine for airing in future shows!  Also today, Adrenaline Mob members Mike Portnoy, Russell Allen, Mike Orlando and Disturbed bassist John Moyer, who is going to be the touring bassist, will drop by the hardDrive studios.  They just released their debut album, "Omerta"  yesterday.  I gotta say, I really like it.  Check it out at Adrenalinemob.com ….Congrats to Chino Moreno and his third wife (!!!!)  Risa Mora who were wed in Hawaii on Mar 7th.  See the pix on Chino's FB. As someone posted, "third time's a charm!" LOL!  Meanwhile, Deftones are making their next album which should be out later this year….Rock on the Range 2012  has announced the daily line up for the 2012 show and I've listed in Road Rage….Very excited for Lacuna Coil who've announced their "Dark Legacy" tour for April.  The tour will be a two hour show where the band will perform songs from all of their albums including an acoustic segment.  Otherwise will open.  See Road Rage for the shows and try to hit it if it's coming to your area….Happy 39th today to David Draiman of Disturbed and same to Ed Sloan of Crossfade.  

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