Dirt - Tuesday, Feb 28

 Man,  ya better think twice if you are considering a cruise, eh?   Those poor 600 travelers drifting aimlessly  on a powerless ship in the Indian Ocen right now!  That's insane! Hope they are rescued soon!…..12 Stones dropping by today.  Listening to their new album, "Beneath the Scars,"  due May 22.  Good stuff!….And my buds in Dark New Day are releasing "New Tradition" today.  If you don't know about the band, the members are brothers Clint (Sevendust)  and Corey Lowery,  along with Troy McLawhorn & Will Hunt from Evanescence. Check it out…Kid Rock announced he is doing a benefit show on May 12th in Detroit at the Fox Theatre to help raise $1 million of needed funds to help support the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  The cultural organization was on a 6 month strike which forced incoming funds to be stopped.  They now need the money in order to stay afloat.  See www.dso.org  to help….May 15th has been set as the release date for the 20th anniversay deluxe edition of Pantera's "Vulgar Display Of Power." The two-disc set will include the original album remastered as well as a bonus cut called "Piss." Also included will be a bonus DVD containing an unreleased live performance filmed at the Monsters Of Rock show in Reggio Emilia, Italy on September 12th, 1992, along with music videos for "Mouth For War," "This Love" and "Walk."…Green Day have begun recording their next album which will have songs about, now wait for it,  having sex.  Glad to see the boys have really broadened their influences….Tonight I am going to see Van Halen at Madison Square Garden (or as we New Yorkers used to call it, the "Circle on the Square.")  I should scan a shot I have of Eddie and David Lee from the late 70's.  Pretty funny!  Everyone had long hair!…Hit YouTube for a sweet little commercial Slash filmed with the legendary Betty White.  It's for the LA Zoo's new invertebrae and reptiles exhibit (we know how much Slash loves his snakes!)….Sad news about that awful shooting in Ohio outside of Cleveland. Webmistress Shawn told me about it yesterday and thought it could've stemmed from a kid who was bullied.  I hope you are not being bullied.  I hope you are not at the verge of breaking down.  Please get help if you are.  Do not be bullied.  You are worthy and loved by us!    

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