Dirt - Tuesday, Feb 19

 Hello all!  Hope you had a great three day weekend!  Thank you, Presidents!….Well,  I finally got my sit down with Dave Grohl. I went to his hotel and we used this beautiful room that I wish was my apartment up in the Penthouse that had a patio.  It was about 55 degrees out!   It was wonderful, although I wish I had another HOUR to talk to him (I got around 19 minutes.)  But hey, I am NOT complaining! We talked about all things Sound City.  And a couple of other things as well about cover songs (yes, I can include in our COVER IT UP special edition!)  and if he wants to become a TV host. Ha! The thing I love about the guy is he’s so down to earth. A real nice man.  Hey, lots of rock stars are nice, but Dave is, well, the nicest.  The nicest guy I know who also owns his OWN G5 jet (complete with the Foo Fighters double F logo on the tail!)  When I die, I want to come back as Dave.  So once again, if you haven’t already, please spend whatever it costs to get a copy of Sound City:  Real to Reel.  You’ll thank me for it.  Be listening for this interview with Dave as he’ll be our Featured Artist of the Week on hardDrive XL  with Lou Brutus the week of March 11.  And it will air on hardDrive the weekend of March 9/10  as we spotlight the Sound City soundtrack.  Good times!….This is interesting, and I know Dave Grohl would like this story too!  Brian May of Queen and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath are talking about putting together an album of riffs that never made it on to their respective bands’ albums and make them available to fans to put together their own songs! Pretty cool!  Blabbermouth reported there was an article in UK’s Kerrang magazine where May was being asked questions by other artists and Iommi brought it up.  Neat, eh? ….Korn ‘s Munky and Head  were on the red carpet for an event in LA recently.  Check out the video here! I noticed on Korn’s Facebook, a new picture of the band has been posted. All 5 of them! ….    OK, so I got the lowdown on why Alice in Chains decided to name their new album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.  It stems from all the crazy fanatics who think  dinosaurs never existed because it’s not in the Bible. Come on,  crazy religious fanatics!  Everyone knows a giant meteor that crashed to earth brought them from outer space!…..Three Days Grace announced more dates with Shinedown and I have them in Road Rage.  Neither band has confirmed whether P.O.D.  will be able to join them, except for one date in May.  More when I get confirmation from the  P.O.D. camp… Sorry  to hear Nonpoint’s singer Elias Soriano suffered an injury to his bak during a performance, which has caused the postponement of last night’s show.  The next tour stop is on the 24th.  We wish him a speedy recovery!…..Speaking of Sabbath’s axeman,  Happy 65th to Mr Iommi today!

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