Dirt - Tuesday, Feb 14 Valentine’s Day!

 Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweeties out there!   I appreciate you visiting here!  Turns out we are getting upwards of 18,000 people coming to our site and that is better than any flowers I could ever receive! (Ok,  my boyfriend’s bouquet this year is very sweet!)  Anyhow, thank you!….First off, let me talk to you about our Five Finger Death Punch REMEMBER EVERYTHING contest we have up and running here at hardDriveRadio.  Some of your entries are not complete, so let me explain how this works:  You listen to Five Finger Death Punch’s "Remember Everything."  It might make you think of a certain person in your life and an experience you have had.  If you want to enter our contest, you must write down the experience.  More than a few of you have written in answers like "My brother."  Or "My father." That, my friends, is not a complete entry.  And one thing you need to remember is, THE BAND IS READING THESE AND PICKING THE WINNER, so get your fingers typin’ ! …There’s another national contest for Mastodon you should know about: PREMIER GUITAR MAGAZINE offers fans a chance to win a replica of MASTODON guitar wizard, Brent Hinds pedalboard as featured in the March issue of Premier Guitar Magazine.  Click here to link to the actual giveaway (a Facebook exclusive). The current issue also features an interview with Hinds and explains his actual pedalboard.  Click here to read the feature and see what you can win….Chris Cornell of Soundgarden has added a handful of new solo dates and I’ve posted in Road Rage….Pulse of Radio reports Godsmack has nearly completed work on an EP of cover songs that will be included with the band’s upcoming live album, due out sometime this spring. Singer Sully Erna wrote on Twitter this past Saturday (Feb 11th) to update fans on the project’s progress, saying, "Today is last day of mixing the covers ep we’re working on for you. I think you’re gonna love this!" He added, "I want to suggest to management when they’re all ready to hear, we throw them up online and let all of you decide which one is best 4 radio."  I know the songs are all American band classics, so get ready for some foot-stompin’ fun!   All recorded live in the studio!….Avenged Sevenfold will do a spring tour of the Far East and Dubai beginning Apr 16 in Tokyo.  The stops include Taiwan, Thailand, Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  I wanna go!   See A7X  in Atlantic City, NJ @ Metallica‘s Orion: Music and More on June 23/24…Speaking of Metallica, I am stoked to have Lars Ulrich on the hotLine on Friday!  :)   …hardDriveRadio will also be welcoming HALESTORM to the studios on Feb 21.  So be listening for both of these interviews in the coming weeks on hardDrive and hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus!  Have a LOVE-ly day! 

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