Dirt - Tuesday, Feb 05

 Foo Fighters frontman and documentary filmmaker Dave Grohl is taking a week out of his busy schedule to be the guest host on Chelsea Handler‘s E! talk show Chelsea Lately. Grohl started his run last night (Feb 4th) and will fill  Handler’s shoes for the rest of this week, ending his stint on Friday (Feb 8th). Grohl’s guest list for the week was scheduled to include Rick Springfield, Elton John and Tenacious D. Crazy!  I watched the show he did back in December and it was really good!   Love me some Dave!…..No Tool for you!  Pulse Content says you can stop holding your breath now: singer Maynard James Keenan has said Tool will not be releasing a new album in 2013. Keenan told Chile’s Radio Futuro when asked about the prospects for the band’s first new CD in seven years, “No new disc. Not this year . . . I have not written any songs. So no, there is nothing.”   But in the past, he told us he doesn’t talk about Tool music until it’s done. So who knows.  I guess these fellas must have enough money they can take all the time in the world to do what they need to do!  So don’t bother them!…..Blabbermouth reports Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe was in a Prague courtroom in the Czech Republic yesterday (Feb 4th) for the start of his trial on manslaughter charges stemming from a 2010 incident in which a fan named Daniel Nosek died weeks after attending the band’s concert in Prague and allegedly being thrown off the stage by the singer. According to a local TV news report, Blythe read a statement to the three presiding judges, telling them he had returned to face the charges like he promised, adding, “But I do not wish to be punished and suffer the consequences of an act I did not commit . . . I never saw Daniel and I never came in contact with him.” The trial is expected to last until the end of the week. If convicted, Blythe could face a long-term jail sentence. Say some prayers for him…..Rob Zombie posted a new trailer for Lords of Salem, now opening April 26. Check it out….Tickets available NOW  for the hardDrive Live Five Tour in Milwaukee, WI  at The Eagles Ballroom  May 22nd and Ft Wayne at the Expo Center May 8th!  Get ‘em while you can!

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