Dirt - Tuesday, April 21

Wow.  Phil Rudd is a sad case.  Not only did he plead guilty to drug charges, he looks like he aged 90 years over this court case and his bad behavior!  Looks like the former AC/DC drummer will serve time when he’s sentenced Jun 26 in New Zealand for possession of meth and pot, and threatening to have a former associate killed. Read all about it here….Well, we had our AMA last night with Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse.  Many thanks to Ronnie and the thousands of fans who flooded the Interact Live section of the app. Ronnie appeared hours earlier on the app, provoking a world wide frenzy and was going in between his Twitter and the app.  Sorry everyone who posted wasn’t able to get a response from the Falling In Reverse singer, but he was there.  The band is currently in rehearsals for their Ronnie Radke’s 3 Ring Circus which kicks off on Friday…..Was listening to Jamey Jasta‘s podcast with our friend Corey Taylor. Corey was talking about the Stone Sour covers ep they released for Record Store Day, Meanwhile In Burbank.  Turns out, there will be two more EPs coming at some point this year.  Straight Out of Burbank and No Sleep Til Burbank.  Corey promises the releases to be off the hook….Speaking of Record Store Day, here’s a good one from Pulse Of Radio. An undetermined number of U2 fans in the U.K. who picked up a vinyl copy of the band’s latest album, Songs Of Innocence, as a Record Store Day exclusive on Saturday (April 18th) got a surprise: instead of getting the Irish supergroup’s current effort, they instead found themselves in possession of a copy of Tool‘s 1992 debut EP, Opiate — which wasn’t even part of the Record Store Day lineup of items. The error was reported by several users on Twitter, which led to one person joking, “I can see why U2 fans feel shortchanged getting a Tool EP instead of their U2 album. They normally get four tools for the price of one.”It’s not clear how many copies of the U2 album were affected, but one U.K. label manager said “a good chunk” were “sleeved at the wrong pressing plant,” according to Diffuser.. Meanwhile, I noticed yesterday on Amazon, someone is selling the Foo FightersSongs From The Laundry Room for $100!….Today I’m on the hotLine with the frontman from this band! Vancouver-based rockers, Art Of Dying, made up of frontman, Jonny Hetherington, Jeff Brown (Drums), Tavis Stanley (Guitar) and Cale Gontier (Bass) recently premiered their new EP on Spotify in anticipation of their upcoming full-length album, Rise Up, to be released Summer 2015.  The EP will also be available on iTunes worldwide today.  The band recorded the album late last year and early 2015 in New Jersey with uber-producer David Bendeth (Papa Roach, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria, Breaking Benjamin.) Check out the music video for “Rise Up” here and some behind the scenes footage here. And see Road Rage for their tour with Apocalyptica in May…Had Mike Kerr of Royal Blood on the hotLine yesterday, but sadly there was a technical glitch on the call.  His hotel land line had this clicking noise.  UGH!  You just can’t get a good phone call done anymore.  Bummer. But I will see what can be salvaged.  Stay tuned….. Happiest of Birthdays to Iggy Pop-68.  The Cure’s Robert Smith-57, Tony Romo -35 and Her Majesty The Queen of England (Elizabeth)-89.  Have a regal day!

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