Dirt - Tuesday, Apr 10

Man, allergy season is out of control here!  Now that there’s 0 humidity and high winds causing fires in our area, I am close to tearing out my eyes and ripping my throat out! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……Pantera is being honored with a special issue from Revolver mag on newsstands Apr 15.  Rhino Records is dropping the 20th anniversary cd/dvd edition of “Vulgar Display of Power” featuring a newly found song that never made the original edition of album called “Piss.” (Come on, Phil, could ya’ve found a better title than that, I mean, now all these dj’s across America have to say, ‘And here’s the new one from Pantera, Piss!’) Anyhow,  the new set is out May 15th, featuring the original album, remastered along with “Piss,” as well as a live DVD of selected songs from the album performed live around the world.  “Piss” debuts tomorrow night  as a special video on Revolver’s Golden Gods Awards out in LA  that you can watch via XBox Live, or on the XBox and Revolver Facebook pages.  The song will be available tomorrow digitally & also sent to radio stations.  Look for the video to begin exactly at 10:55 PM ET/7:55 PM PT.  I am sure it will also be on Pantera’s website tomorrow as well.  While you’re on the Pantera site, check out an archived article written about Pantera by my friend and co-hort Don Kaye (Pulse of Radio.)  He said it so perfectly about the band. Man, I miss Pantera!….See Road Rage for new entries for the Toadies and for Crossfade with Weaving the Fate…..Today, Nickelback kick off their “Here & Now” Tour with Bush, Seether and My Darkest Days.  The band promises the biggest and baddest production they’ve ever had, and a more rockin’ set as well!   Looking forward to it next week when it hits Madison Sq Garden!….Rockapalooza has announced it’s 5th annual festival Jun 23 in Jackson, MI.  Hosted by Bam Margera and Brandon Novak of MTV’s Jackass, the Monster Energy sponsored event includes headliners Puddle of Mudd, with Saliva, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Coolio, Rehab, Wayne Static, Afroman and a bunch more.  See all on the festival website.  Funny, I thought Rockapalooza was the festival out of Worcester, MA.  Guess the name is being used by more than one promoter….I am happy to see LostProphets are getting a US label in Fearless Records.  They plan to release their “Weapons” cd on Jun 19th….Here’s a good one.  Adam Lambert (former American Idol contestant who performed Queen songs during the show) has been hired by the remaining members of Queen to perform 4 shows in Europe this summer.  So far, the shows are Jun 30 in Moscow and 2 Hammersmith Odeon shows in London.  There will be one other UK show announced.  Queen was one of the bands to perform at the UK stop of Sonicsphere, which was cancelled this year due to tough economic times overseas.  Too bad!  I am curious to see how this version of Queen goes over! (And as you can see, I did not write any Queen puns, thank you very much!)…Happy 42nd today to Mike Mushok of Staind  and Happy 76th to legendary NFL coach John Madden!  (Man, that guy’s fingers look like sausages!  Met him once.  Saw the SuperBowl Ring.  Massive!)

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