Dirt - Thursday, May 29

Hello peeps!  Did I mention starting on  Mittwoch 04 Jun (that’s  German for Wednesday and the European way of doing dates) that the now truly World Famous hardDrive will be heard in Nuernberg, Germany?   YES indeed!   On Gong97.1!  Very cool!  And I hear we’ll be on in Mexico soon!   Wow.  In 2016, we’ll celebrate our 20th.  Who knows where else in the world we could be heard, eh?  :)….Interviewed Sully Erna of Godsmack yesterday!  So freaking excited for them!  He’s stoked for everyone to hear the new music from their forthcoming 6th album, called 1000 Horsepower.  (I think it’ll be seen as 1000 HP and could be out as early as mid-August, which is when a tour should be launching.)  The single will be out in about a week or so.   Sully said the song was one of the quickest he’s ever written lyrics for.  The band recorded themselves up in their new studio outside of Boston.  The song is very biographical in the sense that it traces where the band started out with small audiences to where they are today!  Meanwhile, he’s working on tour production ideas and a music video, which he conceptualized.  Hard to believe next year, the band will have been together for 20 years.  Crazy! Where’s the time gone? Be listening for Godsmack as Featured Artist of the week Jun 23  on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus.   And Sully will be on hardDrive weekend Jun 14-15….We also got an interview last week with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park over in their rehearsal studios in Hollywood.   Be listening for that week of Jun 16th on the XL as Linkin Park will be our Featured Artist of the Week.  Their new album, The Hunting Party, drops on the 17th.  Meanwhile, Mike’s wife Anna has written a book.  Tackles a heavy subject. More on that soon…Monday, I will be lucky to be attending the Citi Presents Soundgarden show at Webster Hall here in NYC.  (Ah, I remember the good ole days when it was The Ritz and a good friend booked the bands there.  Wish he was still with us!)  The band will be performing their Superunknown album in it’s entirety.  We’re this close to posting the interview I did with Chris Cornell on the site and our hardDrive YouTube Channel, so be on the lookout!  Soundgarden release the 20th Anniversary of the Superunknown album in deluxe and super deluxe versions on Tuesday….We are also getting closer to the launch of the hardDriveRadio APP!    Keep an eyeball on this page and our Facebook and Twitter when it’s ready to download!   Pretty exciting stuff in the ole hardDrive cubicle…..Talked to my friend Head yesterday.  He’s been a little down after his surgery, so send some positive thoughts his way and hope he can make it to KC this weekend to rejoin Korn for their show for 98-9 The Rock, KQRC’s big Rockfest this weekend! Speaking of Korn, did you know they’ve recorded a new song? It’s called “Hater” and it’s coming out Jun 23.  Love my boys!!!  Be listening for it on hardDrive weekend Jun 21-22….I was also talking to Wuv Bernardo from P.O.D.   He said the band is putting the finishing touches on their acoustic album (if you haven’t, check out the videos for “Beautiful”  &  ”Youth of the Nation” they did acoustically in the hardDrive studios, they’re awesome.)    They’re looking to have that out in August,  He also told me the band is working on their next studio album they hope to have out in January.   Love those guys…..Have a great day!

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