Dirt - Thursday, May 10

 Today,  Ian Watkins of  Lostprophets is on the hotLine from the UK!  Their Weapons cd is set for release in the states (was released in the UK Apr 02nd.) Looking forward to catching up with my ole pal I haven’t seen since 2006!…. Sid Wilson of Slipknot (DJ Starscream) stopped by the hardDrive studios yesterday with his new Hip-Hop group, Miami Vice Soundcracks.  He did an interview with Lou Brutus and told us his side project will be performing some club dates in and around now (Rochester & Oleans, NY)  and then will be on the Mayhem Tour this summer.  Check his stuff out!  Sid is one amazing DJ, not only in rock, but all formats.  He is a crazy SOB,  but he is real as it gets…..As I type this, I am listening to a video of Head with Fieldy (hit thewhosoevers.com) It’s insightful, heavy and revealing.  One thing I can say for Fieldy, it changed him for the better.  He used to be all grouchy and stuff all the time!….P.O.D. have moved the release of  their cd Murdered Love to Jul 10th in case I didn’t mention it this week….Two unreleased Foo Fighters‘ tracks have made it on the internet.  “Come Back” and “Have It All“  that were meant to be on the One By One album the band originally recorded back in 2001-2002.  Taylor Hawkins called them “the million dollar demos“!  Back in the day, they had issues during the making of the record, and the band took a break in the middle after heated arguments over the music broke out.  Apparently these two songs didn’t make it.  So let’s hear what they were like? Click here. Dave Grohl  is currently working on his “Sound City”  documentary.  I can’t wait to see that!….Brandon Saller (former Atreyu drummer/singer)  has posted a new video for his new band Hell or Highwater and the plan is to release their album, Begin Again soon for a mere $1.99  on iTunes!  That’s insane!….Marilyn Manson‘s Born Villain debuted on the charts at # 10.  Mark Tremonti’s “You Waste Your Time” debuted in the Top 10 on iTunes!….Slash has added a couple of more Canadian dates to his summer tour.  See Road RageHappy 52 today to U2′s Bono and Happy 51st to Danny Carey to tool and Volto!

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