Dirt - Thursday, May 03

 Howdy people!  Had a great evening at the Gramercy Theater with my friends in Candlebox.  Brought an ole friend I hadn’t seen in years and we both realized neither of us have ever seen the band before!  How is that possible, we wondered?!  Anyhow, their set was great.  Crowd was WAY into it as well.  And it was the first time I ever saw singer Kevin Martin without a baseball cap on!  LOL  The band was tight and even riffed some Zeppelin in their set, and a nod to all the great bands from Seattle (their hometown) including a Queensryche riff!  Funny, there was a woman standing near me, who was maybe around my age and I thought, “Hmmm, older fan, that’s cool!”  Then guitarist Sean Hennesy points to her and then to me and says “That’s my Mom!”  It was so cool!   And at the end of their set, during their encore of “You” and “Far Behind,” Kevin shocked the hell out of me by thanking me and hardDrive!!!!  I was so shocked!  Actually that was the second time a band said my name from the stage (Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon was the first, and then there was  Jonny Hetherington of Art of Dying who wrote my name in sharpie on his arm at his NY gig!) and for an ole gal like me, it was quite nice and humbling!   And last night was the first show I’ve been to in a while where I wasn’t asked if I was one of the guys moms!  LOL  Anyhow, good times!  If Candlebox are in your area, do check them out!…..Speaking of Seattle bands, Soundgarden posted the video for “Live to Rise,” which is on the Avengers: Assemble soundtrack (songs inspired by the film.)  The clip is cool and I can’t wait to see the film this weekend! 
Today, I will be on the hotLine with Serj Tankian.  It’s not too late to submit questions you’d like me to ask, so when you can, hit the INTERACT link on the home page and send one in!….Meanwhile,  this week, I start working on the Memorial Weekend special edition of hardDrive! It’s our all cover song show “Cover It Up!”  I am getting some never before heard tunes for ya including Godsmack‘s “Come Together,”  Marilyn Manson‘s “You’re So Vain,” Art of Dying‘s “Sweet Emotion,”  Serj Tankian‘s “Yellow Snow” and I hope something unreleased from Korn.  I’ve got my fingers crossed! It’s gonna be a killer show.  Lots of new tunes this year and I’m stoked to present them on hardDrive!…..Congrats to Jack White on his first Number One album chart debut for his new Blunderbuss cd.  Right on!…Happy 40th today to Josey Scott, formerly of Saliva.  I hear he is working on his first solo record.  All the best, Josey!

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