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File this under OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!!! The Pulse Of Radio says Gene Simmons of KISS  is awaiting the approval of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, to officially trademark the universal “sign of the horns” rock hand gesture. Simmons filed for the patent last Friday (Jun 9th) and claimed the hand gesture — literally used by millions upon millions of people NOT at Kiss concerts and events — “was first used in commerce on November 14th, 1974. That appears to correspond with Kiss’ Hotter Than Hell tour.”

The Hollywood Reporter posted: “Speaking of hell, the hand gesture appears quite similar to what’s known as the ‘Sign of the horns,’ a devil signal that, according to an entertaining entry from Wikipedia, dates back to the 5th Century BC founder of Buddhism. It’s also the American Sign Language gesture for ‘I love you.’ Simmons is claiming the hand gesture mark for ‘entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by a musical artist.’”

Here is the full Gene Simmons story: http://bit.ly/2sC5hEc

INTERNET OPINIONS via HollywoodReporter.com – agree or disagree???

Thisizwhack wrote: “Obtaining a patent has little to do with use/invention. Otherwise, people such as Tesla, David Marshall ‘Carbine’ Williams, Harley Davidson and numerous others wouldn’t have gotten screwed. It’s a sad situation, really.. But, is anyone really surprised? Gene has always been an opportunist, as well as a shrewd businessman. That being said, the ‘devil horns’ having been attributed to the ‘Moloik’ or ‘Evil Eye’ (il malocchio) as you’d pointed out, that RJD popularized, has been used for countless millennia. The Hawaiian hand-sign, ‘Shaka’ is also referred to as devil-horns, as well as ASL’s ‘ILY.’ So, as obnoxious as all of this is, all we can then deduce is that, should Mr. Simmons indeed receive approval on said patent, it’s usage wouldn’t merely be limited to ‘his’ usage thereof, but as a means to profit from others doing the same. Twisted, indeed.”

Leah wrote: “NO Mr Simmons that’s not yours to trademark. It’s been around 200 years, American Sign Language for I Love You by the Deaf community! Someone should contact the patent office and educate them and Mr Simmons!”

blabbermouth wrote: “I’ve got a similar hand gesture for Gene Simmons, but you lower the two ‘horns”‘ and raise your middle finger.”

Meanwhile, Simmons will publish his latest book, titled, On Power, on Nov 14th, via Dey Street Books. The Kiss co-founder appeared on ESPN’s 107.5/1070 The Fan, and revealed that, “everybody can make more money and actually become relatively rich. There are certainly enough economists in the world who have broken through the glass ceiling and taken the message out there that we’ve always assumed that the top should only be the people that are the smartest and the richest and all that stuff, and that the masses — the great unwashed masses — can never attain the heights, and that is patently untrue.”   Oy vey!  When I write my autobiography, I will share some gems of my experiences with Gene $immon$.    LOL

Well, I guess he wasn’t kidding around when he said that was his last show with Five Finger Death Punch. At least for now.  The Pulse of Radio reporting after spinning out of control during a concert on Monday in the Netherlands and then telling the audience they were seeing his last show with Five Finger Death Punchsinger, Ivan Moody is off the tour. Bad Wolves‘ vocalist Tommy Vext, who stepped in for him that same night will front the band for their remaining European dates.

Moody, whose struggles with his demons, released this statement: “I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I have fallen off the wagon again. I was on shaky ground prior to our performance in Tilburg, and although a lot of the events of that show were out of my control, the shame of not delivering pushed me over the edge. It would not be fair to my bandmates or my fans to continue to perform in my current condition. One of the worst parts of addiction is the loneliness you feel, so having the support of my band and all the knuckleheads is what drives me. I am committed to getting better so I can get back out on stage as soon as possible.”

Their next show is Friday (June 16) in Hockenheim, Germany.

More Quotes: Zoltan Bathory, guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch said: “As a band, we are committed to supporting Ivan’s road to recovery. We are as baffled and saddened as anyone to watch our brother continue to struggle. Almost everyone in the world knows someone who struggles with addiction, and can relate to how the self-destruction of someone they care about is very difficult to watch. Five Finger Death Punch has every intention of playing the dates we’re committed to and beyond. The band is bigger than any one member.

Tommy Vext, the vocalist of up and coming metal band, Bad Wolves said: “It is a tremendous honor to share the stage with Five Finger Death Punch on these remaining dates. Today I am blessed with over 8 years of sobriety, so I can certainly empathize with Ivan’s struggles. Not only do I feel a responsibility to deliver for the fans of Five Finger Death Punch on these remaining dates, but also to deliver for Ivan so he can get back to work as soon as he is healthy.

Ivan has spent several months in rehab. He has to make it work this time, for his own sake.  We are pulling for you, Ivan, and for the band.

Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars is teasing a fifth studio album from the band by posting a dramatic video promoting that a new album is “Coming soon.” Originally the campaign started and stopped nearly a year ago. And then with no official release date attached, it appeared this week on the band’s social networking sites.

Last August, Thirty Seconds To Mars promised the new album would arrive some time during 2017. In the meantime, they’re on tour with Muse and PVRIS.

Love this! Blabbermouth reporting Queens Of The Stone Age‘s new album, Villains, will be released this summer. The title of the band’s first record since 2013′s Like Clockwork was revealed in an album trailer directed by Liam Lynch. The clip features QOTSA leader Josh Homme and his bandmates taking a polygraph test where they deny the LP’s title; the machine, of course, detects their lies. Also revealed in the trailer is that Villains was helmed by Grammy-winning producer, DJ and artist Mark Ronson, who has previously worked with Amy WinehousePaul McCartneyLady GagaDuran Duran and Adele, among others. Fans can also hear a snippet of the album’s first single, “Feet Don’t Fail Me,” which is expected to make its online debut in the coming days.

Homme recently compared Villains to “a panther in the trees leaping out of the darkness” and described it as “uptempo.” The frontman also recently revealed that the new record wouldn’t feature any special guests. QOTSA has been confirmed for Chicago’s Riot Fest in September. They will also play at Montebello Rockfest in Canada (Jun 22-25) and San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival in Aug.

And finally today, I think it’s safe to say, we all love Corey Taylor!  Metal Hammer recently did an interview with the Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman.  Get inside the head of one of our favorite people! (Thanks Blabbermouth)

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