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Good morning all! Not a lot of news today, but let’s get to it:

Korn will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its breakthrough third album, 1998′s Follow The Leader, by playing three U.S. shows in late summer. But while it was initially assumed that the band would perform the LP from front to back at those shows, singer Jonathan Davis has revealed that only the “majority” of the record will be played.

Speaking on 93.3 WMMR, Davis explained, “”We’re not gonna do it in its entirety. There’s a couple of songs that are just dumb (laughs), that we don’t wanna play. We were really drunk when we made ‘em. But we’re gonna play the majority of the record.”

The shows are scheduled to take place on September 12th at the Masonic in San Francisco, September 13th at the Palladium in Los Angeles, and September 15th at the Pearl Theater in Las Vegas. These will be Korn’s only North American concerts of the year.

Davis has been on the road behind his recently issued solo album, Black Labyrinth, which contains the Top Five rock radio single, “What It Is.”

Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck has told WhatCulture in a new interview that the lyrics for the band’s upcoming album, Gravity, are “very personal,” explaining, “The last two years of my life have been very up and down emotionally. I’ve been through a break-up and I have a family, and all that stuff has taken its toll. That led into a bit of a downer: I had issues with anxiety and then some depression issues. So I’m just telling people all about that.”

Tuck added, “It’s showing a very different side to me that I’ve never shown before. It’s (a) very vulnerable, tender and up-and-down version of me. It wasn’t something that I intended to do, but the more I was doing it, the better the songs started to become. The more tortured I’ve been, the better this album has become.”

Asked how he overcame his depression, Tuck said, “It was more just being mentally strong enough to deal with it, unfortunately. I’m not a very outgoing person and I like to bottle things up. I don’t like to speak about my emotions to people, so I think having the band and music really, really helped me.”

Gravity arrives June 29th and features the single “Over It.” We asked Tuck not long ago if the band ever feels pressure to repeat its past success: ”The only pressure that we’ve had has just been pressure from ourselves to just write the best songs we can. So I think that’s the only thing I’ve really learned which has really come in useful, is to kind of not let any outside kind of influence creep in there, you know. We do what we want to do, and if it feels good, we’ll roll with it. Living by those rules, you know, it’s worked out really well for us.”

Architects have released a live video for their track “Doomsday“. Footage for the video was captured during the band’s February 03rd, 2018 set at Alexandra Palace in London, England. The band have also announced a new 7” for the track pressed on ultra clear vinyl. It will be out on September 14th and feature an etching on the b-side. You can pre-order it here.

Greta Van Fleet has just announced a brand new slew of tour dates that will extend the young band’s current road schedule well into the fall. The latest additions to the itinerary begin on September 7th in Seattle and end — at least for the time being — on October 11th in Madison, Wisconsin. See the full list on the Road Rage page.

Bassist Sam Kiszka told us that the Michigan-based act learned their live chops through endless gigs on their local circuit: ”I think where we really learned to play with each other was back in barrooms in Saginaw, Michigan. You know, instead of going out on weekends, hanging out with buddies, we would always go play in these horrible, like, dive bars. And it was great. We would play five or six hours and that’s how we learned how to play with each other.”

The group’s first full-length album will be out later this year, possibly in the summer.

Finally, we’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to The Word Alive drummer Luke Holland! Have a great day everyone!

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