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Wilson with Roxy, Paulie Walnuts and Julia from Razor and Tie.

Today’s the day!   I get to hang with Dave Grohl. I know how much he loves coffee.   Maybe I’ll bring him a pound of my favorite.   Hmmmm.    Might get me 10 or 15 extra minutes for my interview  maybe?  LOL

Love Corey Taylor!  LOVE HIM!   He cracks me up!  As you know, he’s on his book tour and he’s doing readings from “You’re Making Me Hate You,” along with acoustic stops along the way.  In one of his interviews, he started ragging on Axl Rose.  Check this out: He was calling out the eccentric Guns N’ Roses frontman for his habit of making fans wait hours for G N’ R to come onstage.

Taylor remarked, “Anybody who makes his fans wait for two to three hours for him to go on stage, I have no respect for . . . I love Guns N’ Roses, dude. I love ‘Appetite (For Destruction),’ I think that’s a fantastic album. But when you make your fans wait that long — and I don’t give a f**k what h**d-on just said: ‘Oh, we expect it.’ Well, you’re a f**king idiot then. All right? Figure it the f**k out.”  Taylor added, “You know why there are really no original f**king members of Guns N’ Roses left? Because (Axl) made ‘em wait three f**king hours! You want an Appetite reunion? Tell him to f**king stop being a douchebag.” !!!!!  Go get ‘em, Corey!

In addition, here are some fan-filmed moments at the St Paul stop of Corey’s promo tour.
Here’s one on hating other bands.  And one on why he started singing.    And here’s Corey doing a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”  (We’ve played that years ago on one of our hardDrive “Cover It Up” weekends!)  Look for Corey with Slipknot on the road starting Jul 24.   And look for the second and third installements of Stone Sour‘s  cover song albums later this year.

Wilson stopped by the hardDriveRadio studios yesterday.  Paulie Walnuts interviewed the band and got to catch their show last night with Crobot at Webster Studio.  More on those guys soon!  Wilson just dropped their debut album Right To Rise.  The cover features a picture of a feral dog, who looks so forlorn.  Check out Wilson!

Our friends Pop Evil have posted another tune from their forthcoming Up album called “In Disarray.”  Frontman Leigh Kakaty told us it was so worth going to Seattle to record this record with Adam Kasper, who also produced records with Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam & Soundgarden.   The band got to record at London Bridge Studios, legendary in the grunge era of those Seattle bands.  “There’s something special about Seattle, man. There’s something special about those places that just brought — I think it just raises your level of excellence. You don’t want to be slacking when you know all those great bands that put out such great music in these studios. So you want to, like, bring your A-game, so to speak, and I think that’s what’s special. There’s so much support.”

Pulse Of Radio  reporting Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich believes streaming services are the future of the music industry — although he also admits that they will be more effective for established acts that new ones. Speaking with Britain’s BBC, Ulrich said, “I believe streaming is good for music. People sit there and go, ‘I’m not getting paid very much’ — but streaming is a choice on all fronts.

He added, “Streaming probably does benefit artists with higher profiles. A lot of playlists that are being made available for people seem to feature higher-profile artists . . . there’s less and less and less and less money being put into younger artists. And there’s a danger of younger artists coming close to extinction.”

But Ulrich also argued streaming or any other music delivery service won’t accomplish anything if the music itself isn’t up to par, explaining, “I connect less because there’s less great new music to connect with. A lot of the stuff is just regurgitated — this year’s flavor. It’s not leading-edge like the BeatlesMiles Davis or Jimi Hendrix.”  Ulrich did not indicate what steps Metallica will take when it comes to delivering its new album.  The band continues to work on its 10th studio effort, although they have not indicated when it will be released. (Hint: 2016.)

Adam Gontier from Saint Asonia is going to be on the hotline briefly today.  The band will be coming into the hardDriveRadio studios on Jul 29th.  I am going to give the album a listen this morning in preparation!  And Adam and guitarist Mike Mushok will be doing  hardDriveRadio App Chats on Jul  28th & 30th.  Watch for text notifications for times.

Meanwhile, Aaron Lewis, Staind frontman, has put aside that part of his career in favor of pursuing his country music path.  He recently said it would be a while before he would doanother Staind record, as he said Mike has joined Saint Asonia for 3 albums.  Geez, Aaron, do ya think he decided to do that because you decided Staind wasn’t a priority anymore?  Can’t fault a guy for trying to have a job, right?  He’s got a family to support, too!

Lou Brutus  is off to the Chippewa Valley RockFest.  Interviews from his hang there will be on air soon!

Gotta dash.  I gotta get my notes together for my interviews with Royal Blood, Foo Fighters and Adam Gontier.   More tomorrow!

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