Dirt - Thursday, Jan 24

 Wow,  Stone Sour and Papa Roach KILLED IT  last night here in NYC  at Terminal 5! Both of their sets generated such passion from the audiences, you could feel the electricity (and the love) in the building! (Which was a good thing since it was freakin’ freezin’ outside!)  I got hugs from more sweaty band members than I care to remember, that’s for sure!  LOL  You can really see what amazing showmen these two singers are: Jacoby Shaddix  (who called himself Coby Dick a couple of times!)  and Corey Taylor.  Loved both sets, and sorry I missed Otherwise‘s show, but hung out with the Patrick brothers, Ryan and Adrian,  after the evening’s music was over for a bit.  Got to also hang with the P-Roach guys and with Jim Root.  (Had to take some stage shots of him  and send them to Cristina.  I always do that!  Those poor kids won’t see each other til next year for cryin’ out loud!) Anyhow, the night was amazing.  Meanwhile, Corey and Josh Rand stopped by the hardDrive studios at Noon yesterday.  We talked for about 35 minutes and there will be a new video interview with the guys too.  I had to bust Corey’s balls since I just had a feeling he wasn’t keeping his New Year’s Resolution of quitting smoking!  But I will give him a pat on the back for cutting down from 2 packs a day to 7 cigs.  (Stephanie is still smoking too!  Ugh, those Marlboro reds!)  He knows “I’m watching you!” (note: fingers pointed at him.)  The guys  told me the first of 4 comic books from Dark Horse Comics, a companion to “House of Gold and Bones,” will be released on  April 17th.  There doesn’t seem to be a break in the Stone Sour action til next year sometime.  And at that point, Slipknot will get back to business.  Corey said there had been some “personal issues” in that camp, and those are starting to reconcile in different ways.  He said Joey is doing really well.   Obviously there will be those 5 international shows in May and June (Ozzfest Japan, and the rest are European festivals.)  I asked about the next Knotfest and didn’t get a straight answer, but me thinks there will be something cooking in August. We’ll catch up with them again at Rock on the Range in May….In other news,  Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell will induct Heart into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, while Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins get the same duty for Rush. I can only imagine what the jam session will be like at that event! And Dave told MTV News the next Foo Fighters‘ album may be a concept record….In other Seattle related news,  Pearl Jam have added another summer date, July 16th in London, ON  at  Budweiser Gardens. This is on top of the date they announced July 19th at Wrigley Field. Guess Matt Cameron is gonna be a busy drummer this year!…Tomorrow, the Carolina Rebellion line up will be announced!  Good stuff! Later kids!

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