Dirt - Thursday, Jan 05

 Well, write me off the list to see Van Halen and go to the studio to hear the new Shinedown album.  I am flat out sick as a dog!  BUMMER!  Why does this always happen to me when there's major events to attend?  What is that??!!!  Anyhow, here's the news:  Saliva  did indeed  part ways with singer Josey Scott late last year, with guitarist Wayne Swinny telling Lubbock, Texas  station  KFMX  Scott left the group after 15 years to pursue a career as a solo Christian artist. Although Saliva's continued existence seemed to be in doubt as 2011 drew to a close, Swinny has confirmed the remaining members of Saliva have recruited Jacksonville, FL singer/songwriter Bobby Amaru to take over on the mic. And in other break-up news, Howard Jones has left Killswitch Engage (again) and the band issued a statement late yesterday saying he'll always be part of their family and now the task to fill his rather large shoes will commence.  Hmmm, wonderers are wondering:  could Phil Labonte be considering taking on the challenge of being in two bands?  He came from KSE originally and has filled in for Howard in the past.  We'll see….Creed added more dates to their theater tour where they plan to perform two of their albums: "Human Clay" & "My Own Prison."  I noted which shows will perform which album.  Should be interesting….Metallica have decided to release a cd version of the songs they debuted duuring their anniversary shows; those 4 songs that were left off the "Death Magnetic" sessions album.  The "Beyond Magnetic" EP  will drop Jan 31st….Speaking of Van Halen, I love this story I saw on Pulse of Radio.  Apparently, earlier this week when Van Halen left LA for NYC, NBC weatherman Al Roker wouldn't give up his seat so Alex and his wife could sit together.  Al didn't want to swap because it meant he would have to sit next to a passenger traveling with a small dog  since he is allergic.  (Hey, I can understand that!!)  So apparently there were two people in business class who were happy to switch seats with the Van Halen first class tix and everyone flew to NYC happily.  What a wonderful world…..Happy 43rd today to Marilyn Manson.  

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