Dirt - Thursday, Feb 28

 Good morning!   Gotta a lot to get to, so here we go!  First off, I missed out on the comic book samples that went out yesterday for Stone Sour‘s House of Gold and Bones.  As you may recall, the band is releasing Part 2 of the two part album on April 9th and the 4 episode comic book series will release the first book on April 17th. The second is set for a May 22nd release.   The official synopsis for the comic book reads, “Trapped in an alternate reality, the Human must make his way to the House of Gold & Bones as he is chased by a crazed mob and taunted by mysterious ally Allen. What the Human discovers on his journey will be his salvation . . . or his destruction.” Here’s a sample of the stuff from Dark Horse Comics, and it looks amazing! http://tinyurl.com/d8mutlw ….Pulse Content reports Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has told Revolver in a new interview the band probably won’t be playing any of its albums in their entirety at this June’s second annual Orion Music + More festival. Last year the band performed 1991′s “black album” one night and 1984′s Ride The Lightning the other. Asked about doing the same this time around, Ulrich said, “If I was a betting man, which I’m not, I would probably not put too much money on that. I think you’ve got to be careful that it doesn’t become something that people expect from you every year, especially when you only put records out every five years like we do. We’ll run out of records to play at some point pretty quick.“  Ulrich added that the band won’t rule out playing an entire album again, saying, “I think it’s something that we’ll keep doing throughout Metallica’s next decade or so, but I don’t know if we’re going to do it at this year’s Orion festival. Obviously there’s an anniversary there. People say, ‘Oh, it’s the 30th anniversary of (1983 debut) Kill ‘Em All.’ But we haven’t made a firm decision on that. I don’t want to become predictable.” ….Killswitch Engage have posted their new video for “In Due Time”  at Rolling Stone‘s site.  Check it out here….Here’s a good one!

Thirty Seconds To Mars new single “Up In The Air” will be launched into space tomorrow. The band members will be in Florida to watch the launch ofthe second SpaceX cargo mission to the International Space Station. The company’s Falcon 9 rocket carrying its Dragon cargo capsule is scheduled to lift off tomorrow, March 1, at 10:10 a.m. EST from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The capsule will be filled with more than 1,200 pounds of scientific experiments and cargo – and the first copy of “Up In The Air.” Fans can watch the launch at http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html. Full details and updates on the mission are also available on NASA’s website at http://www.nasa.gov/station.   The band will visit Mission Control Houston for a Q&A with Tom Marshburn, one of the astronauts aboard the space station. The Q&A, scheduled for Monday, March 18, will be broadcast live online with details available shortly at www.thirtysecondstomars.com. “Up In The Air” will premiere worldwide that day and be commercially available at all digital retailers the following day, March 19.  “Up In The Air” is the first single from the band’s fourth studio record, which will be released later this year…..And finally today, the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Tour will be announced on Monday, March 18th in Los Angeles.  I hear scores of Hell’s Angels will start the ceremony by motoring up Sunset Boulevard to the famous Whiskey Au Go Go where the announcement will be made.  Wish I could be there! Oh well.  See ya tomorrow!


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