Dirt - Thursday, Feb 09

 Good morning folks!   This morning I read about an interview Shanw Crahan did for Kerrang! mag in the UK.  He told the reporter  fans should not even think about a new Slipknot album for at least another year.  He doesn't expect the band will reunite in a recording studio until at least sometime in 2013.  Hopefully, 4 years after the passing of Paul Gray, the boys will get that urge again to pummel us audiably again.  I hope so.  I miss new music from them….I also read news of  Disturbed bassist John Moyer, who has joined Adrenaline Mob, a band formed last year by progressive metal musicians  former Dream Theater/Avenged Sevenfold drummer Mike Portnoy, Symphony X frontman Russell Allen and Sonic Stomp guitarist Mike Orlando. Moyer will make his live debut with the band on March 12th at Hiro Ballroom in New York City. The band plans to release an album, "Omerta," on Mar 13th.  We'll have to definitely look into getting the boys over to the studios when they are in town for sure!  Our gal pal Lzzy Hale reportedly sings on the Duran Duran cover of "Come Undone."  Man, I had no idea that song is so popular with musicians.  What with My Darkest Days recording it for their last record.  Meanwhile, speaking of covers. the next Godsmack record will be a package of live performances along with 5 covers.  I LOVE cover tunes and suspect we'll have them in time for this Memorial Day's Under Cover special edition on hardDrive!…Michigan's OTHER favorite sons, Taproot, have a new album planned for April 10th.  Look for "The Epidosdes" to be released and once again, it was produced just outside of Ann Arbor, MI with their pal Tim Palatin.  Looking forward to that. I like those guys and hope this is successful for them!…Had a really nice chat yesterday with Johannes Eckerstrom of Sweden's Avatar, who release their new album, "Black Waltz" on EOne on Valentine's Day!  You MUST check them out online if you haven't already.  The video for the track features performances from the freak show known as Hellzapoppin' (think Jim Rose Circus.)  We were talking about the clip and Johannes assured me everything you see in the clip is real.  The glass, nails, drill, and I found out what those round things were on the fellow Bryce's eyelids when he pulls them down.  Kernels of corn that passed from his nasal cavity  through his tear ducts!   CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT??  Kids, don't try this at home for sure!  I hear it's very painful!  But do check out the band's music!  I really like their brand of extreme metal! …..Happy 69th today to "Do I Amuse You" Joe Pesci!  And yes, Joe, you do!  

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