Dirt - Thursday, Feb 07

 Man, I have been sick since Dec 24th.  I am over sneezing, coughing, wheezing, nose blowing,  expectorating and the like.  I REALLY AM!  UGH! Gotta get better since Dave Grohl and the Sound City Players AND Bullet For My Valentine will be in town next week, and hopefully will both me giving me time for interviews and the like! Watched Dave gush in his interview with Sir Elton John last night on Chelsea Lately!  Boy, some mutual admiration society going on there!….Last night,  I heard Sevendust, who just kicked off their tour with Lacuna Coil and Avatar,   KICKED SERIOUS BOOTAY outside of Albany, NY!  Joey Belladonna from Anthrax got up to sing “Face to Face” with the band!  Man, wish I was there!…Lou Brutus is already packing his bags for a three day road trip with Stone Sour.  Will he come back the same man? Wonderers are wondering….New music from Device headed our way on Feb 19th!  Mark your calendars folks!…..Speaking of Dave earlier,  I am already excited for this release since I am always looking for killer cover songs for hardDrive’s Cover It Up special edition!  Check this out! Foo Fighters, Kid Rock and Rise Against are among the acts who will appear on Wrote A Song For Everyone, a new “collaborative” album from legendary Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty. The 14-track collection consists mainly of Creedence songs reworked by Fogerty and his guest contributors, along with two freshly penned tunes.  In addition to the artists already mentioned, others on the disc include Rage Against The Machine‘s Tom Morello, Bob Seger, Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, My Morning Jacket and the Zac Brown Band.  John will be in town next week performing with the Sound City Players.  Should be fun!…..Got this email from Soundgarden last night.  Definitely a contest worth entering!  Their Feb 17th show at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, the last of a three-night stint there, will be filmed by Live From The Artist’s Den, the Emmy-nominated TV series that captures top-level recording acts in unique venues for intimate concert experiences. The series will also be giving away round-trip airfare and tickets for one fan and a guest to attend the show. You can enter the contest at http://tinyurl.com/ag946wu …..Hopefully sometime today, you can click on dropdown SITES & SOUNDS  on this site to find new interview with Corey Taylor and Josh Rand of Stone Sour!  I really got a couple of good zingers in there on the boys, I must say!   Good times!  (You know I was gonna bug him about his New Year’s resolution of quitting smoking!)  And in our studio interview,  we talked about Slipknot,  Now we know there are the 5 festival shows they are doing (all overseas in June). I didn’t get a straight answer regarding another  Knotfest (Corey said no; a behind the scenes person said yes.)  But Corey DID say “Essentially, I want to start looking at putting demos together for Slipknot fall of 2014, to go in the studio in 2015 and start making an album. So it’s gonna be a while.” And he eluded to some of the members who were starting to get healthy and hoped they will continue to stay healthy.   Me thinks some of the hold-out may be coming from within.  But hey, has the climate within this band EVER been normal??  I’d say partly cloudy at times……Poor Randy Blythe of Lamb of God!  His trial in Prague is moving to March 4th.  He’s headed home til then.  One of the defense’s witnesses couldn’t be at the trial due to illness. The dude needs to buy some lottery tickets to regain all the money he’s losing on this mess…..SOil are entering a studio to begin work on their next album (with reunited singer Ryan McCombs) with producer Ulrich Wild.  All the best to them!….Happy 45th today to my pal Sully Erna of Godsmack and Happy 38th to Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit! And a big happy 53rd to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (aka Robert Smigel).  That’s 7 and 1/2 dog years!

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