Dirt - Thursday, Feb 02

 It's Groundhog Day.  I still never remember if it's a longer winter if he sees his shadow or not.  But who knows if he can actually SEE his shadow anyhow,  and who thought this stupid thing up?  Ugh!….Today is MASS CHAOS DAY in my office. I gotta do this quick 'cus Sully from Godsmack and Mike from Staind are on their way in to do a radio tour to promote their upcoming tour with Halestorm and I gotta interview them.  So now my big dilemma, do I sit behind the glass due to my sniffles?  I don't want to get them sick, that's for sure!  But right about now, they're walking into my office where we hung a giant GIANTS' flag and the flatscreen welcoming them says "You're in GIant's Country!"  So they are NOT gonna be too happy when they see me!  LOL  Damn Patriots' fans, those boys!….Another rocker has thrown their hat into the Obama ring. Foo Fighters will perform at a fundraising concert for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign on Feb 15th in Holmby Hills, CA, according to Audio Ink Radio. The show will take place at the home of television writer/producer Bradley Bell and tickets will cost between $250 and $500, with organizers hoping to sell up to $1,000. A separate post-concert dinner at the Bell house for the president, hosted by actor Will Ferrell, will cost attendees a whopping $35,800 per person.  Waiting to see which rockers are behind the Republican candidates.  Anyone?….Rhino Records is reissuing Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power."  The remastered disc will feature a track that was recorded in those sessions, but didn't make it on there called "Piss."  We're working out a schedule for Lou Brutus to interview Vinnie Paul about it.  The album will be 20 years old on Feb 25th.  Man, I am feeling old!…..Congrats to Lacuna Coil who's "Dark Adrenaline" debuted at # 15 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart.  It's the highest debut of their career….And set your DVR to record "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tonight to see my boys Korn performing "Narcissistic Cannibal." That's at tonight on ABC-TV.  Check local listings….Gotta dash.  If you want, send me some questions you'd like me to ask Mike and Sully,  get them to me before 10 AM ET via the email link on the home page!…Happy 46th to Stone Temple Pilots' bassist Robert Deleo!  

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