Dirt - Monday, May 14

 Howdy people!  Our site was down, so I am super rushing today to get things done! Was happy to see Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck will be the musical back-up for Mick Jagger, who’s set to perform on SNL this Saturday!  I will be working at Rock on the Range, but thanks be for DVR.  Saturday’s show was hilarious, BTW!  Rumors are the Rolling Stones are rehearsing somewhere in the area.  Hmmm, does this mean I have to start walking around W 81st to Mick’s townhouse to see if he’s home?….Limp Bizkit must have used those refrigerator magnet words to come up with this album title: “Stampede of the Disco Elephants.”  Oh man, what costume will Wes Borland come up with for that?  I heard  Fred Durst offered Sid Wilson DJ Lethal‘s job on the tour. Thankfully, Sid’s busy. Lethal should remain with the Biz….10 Years‘ release date for “Minus the Machine” is moved to Jul 31.  And Brian Vodinh is returning to the riser as the band’s drummer after leaving the stool to be the band’s guitarist when Matt Wantland vacated.  Will be talking to the band soon. They start a tour with Fair to Midland and Kyng on Saturday.  See Road Rage…Man, time sure does fly!  Offspring‘s “Ignition” album is 20 this summer!….Saving Abel have announced a string of dates with Aranda and Redlight King.  I really like their new single “Bringing Down the Giant.”…Happy 46th today to Mike Inez of Alice in Chains.  Happy 5-0 to Ian Astbury of The Cult and Happy 36th to Hunter Burgan of AFI.

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