Dirt-Unused - Monday, May 07

 OMG  OMG  OMG OMG  OMG!  I knew Head was planning to go to Rockingham,
NC (Carolina Rebellion)  on Saturday  to talk to Munky;  specifically to talk to Munky and to see koRn perform.  What I didn’t know was THIS was going to happen:

(Warning: language may be offensive to younger viewers’ parents)
I gotta tell ya, first I got chills, then I cried!  You guys probably know I am a HUGE koRn fan. Outside of their parents, probably their oldest fan too!  LOL  And this is the day I have been hopin’ for for many years.  And I am glad it happened.  Now that the ice has broken, as we close in on koRn’s 20th anniversary, perhaps we could see a reunion with Head for a tour.  Not sure if David is up for that event, though.  Only time will tell. (Thanks Rock 105 and RockAccess.) …Well, I guess this is official too:  Shawn Economaki is officially out of Stone Sour.  Sad, but true. “Personal issues”  forced the band’s hand to dismiss Shawn and it’s too bad. Meanwhile, the band are working on their next record in Des Moines with David Bottrill (tool.) The album is expected to be a concept record….Soundgarden played a surprise 7 song set on Saturday in Irvine, CA as part of an LA radio station’s festival.  It marked the first time they performed their new song, “Live to Rise.“  Incubus and Coldplay also topped the bill…..The Black Keys‘ members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney will make an appearance as “dirt bags” who are awaiting trial in nightcourt  on an upcoming episode of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics.”….Saving Abel will release their new album, Jul 17th called “Bringing Down the Giant.”

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