Dirt - Monday, Mar 19

 Happy Monday! I love certain shows on TV, and especially LOVE "Mad Men," so I am excited it's returning Sunday night on A&E.  What?!!!  You never watched it before? Hello?  Netflix, A&E On Demand.  You have all week to catch up on the 4 previous seasons, so do it!  And last night began the first 2 hours of the Discovery HD Channel's (you have to watch it in HD to appreciate it)  BBC  production "Frozen Planet."  Picks up where the "Planet Earth" series left off.  It covers Antarctica  (South Pole)  and the Artic (North Pole). It is AMAZING.  And I love owls, and you get to see them upclose, in-flight.  It's great.  Set your DVR's.   Hey, it's a reality show without idiots!  What a concept!…. Shinedown's new album, "Amayrllis" is out next Tuesday, and I misunderstood that the ebook Brent Smith told me about was a part of the release. But actually it is available separately for $5.99. And you can find it wherever ebooks are sold, "For Your Sake: Inside the Making of Amaryllis."  What's special about it is that it is the first interactive book of it's kind for the music industry. I've been listening to "Amaryllis" and I have to confirm my feeling that I think this will be their "Wasting Light." (Foo Fighters album that won 6 Grammys this year!)   It's diverse, it rocks, yet it explore some other areas where the band has yet to reach (dare I say Pop or some other format that isn't rock?)  But I wish only the best for these guys because they are good and they deserve it!  Go Shinedown! Meanwhile, the German website www.wde.de that is the home of Rockpalast has Shinedown' s and Halestorm's recent show filmed in Koln, Germany (DE)  so check for it.  The filming is splendid.  Find the bands in the search window for the videos link. (If you speak German, it's easier to find.)   The show was Feb 02.  They look amazing…..Smile Empty Soul are coming back. They signed to EOne Entertainment and have an album "3" due on May 22.  They've also announced a bunch of shows that you can find in Road Rage…..On Thursday, I will be heading over to Madison Sq Garden to interview Daniel Auerbach of the Black Keys.  Got questions you'd like me to ask him?  Send them my way via the email  link on the home page. Write "HEY ROXY!  Ask Dan this……" and your question. Make sure you include your city and what station you listen to hardDriveRadio  (hardDrive or hardDrive XL) on so I can include in the question and the answer when we have it.  OK?  Thanks ever so! By the way, we have changed the way we are doing SMASH OR CRASH!  You can now vote on the SMASH OR CRASH page (no more texting in !)  Just click the CD on our home page  and see the outcome as you vote!  Vote as often as you like and tell your friends!….Happy 59th today to Bad Boy Billy Sheehan from Mr Big.  Bassist extraordinaire and I think he's in Flying Colors with Mike Portnoy

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