Dirt - Monday, Jan 30

 I guess my immune system is shot.  I got slammed with a huge, nasty head cold.  Can’t leave the room without a kleenex in my hand.  This SUCKS SO BAD!  Shawn will have to fill in for me for Dirt on the XL.  So be listening in for her tomorrow night! Meanwhile, Shawn had Eve to Adam in the hardDrive studios last week!  And thank to the band  for all the cool swag!   Friday, I spoke with Brent from Shinedown.  So great to talk to him.  He’s so stoked about the new album, produced once again by Rob Cavallo.  Look for "Amaryliss" in stores Mar 27.  The band leaves for Europe to start a tour with Halestorm Feb 1.  We wish them all the best and safe journey! And the AVALANCHE TOUR with Shinedown, Adelitas Way, New Medicine (and Art of Dying 4/12-25) is in Road Ragetool seems to be rediscovering its energy as a band on its current North American tour after years of identical set lists and apathetic performances from singer Maynard James Keenan, according to a review posted at Antiquiet.com. Writing about the band’s Jan 25th concert in Toronto, the site said, "It was almost inevitable to expect a lifeless show that merely revisited a better, more artful period of an assuredly still artful yet uninspired band. Then the band took the stage and all those worries disappeared almost instantly."  Lou Brutus has a concert report coming up next weekend with Max Volume of KOZZ in Reno on the tour’s opening night.  Max definitely agrees with this Antiquiet report for sure!…Korn has posted footage online of singer Jonathan Davis recording vocals for a song called "Sanctuary" while staying in a hotel room in Manila, the Philippines. The tune is included on Korn’s latest album, The Path Of Totality, which features the band collaborating on every track with a different dubstep DJ or producer to create a new fusion of heavy rock and electronic music. Meanwhile, Pulse of Radio reports former Korn drummer David Silveria has resurfaced in a new band called Infinika,  (with Riz Story and Miki Black of Anyone) which will soon release an album called "Echoes And Traces."  Silveria left Korn in late 2006 and was reportedly focusing on family life along with running his steak house and sushi restaurant. But in December 2009, David reportedly changed his steak house into the rock and sports-themed bar Silveria’s Rockbar and sold his ownership of the sushi place to his ex-wife after a year-long court battle. I guess he bought all new gear, since he sold or gave most of it away, and even used the cases he used for his drums as tables in his bar! And he looks like he’s had a few too many burgers and fries!!!!!…..Slash‘s second album could be out in May. (FIngers crossed!) This time around, the band is recording on tape, totally live as it happens, with producer Eric Valentine.  It’s all down to the vocals now, as Myles Kennedy is doing the songs as full takes.  Usually a pain in the butt to record that way, but a live-as-it happens is always a pleaser, as I think a lot of us are tired about the Pro-Tools sound.  Who knows, maybe things will turn around and the rise of the recording studio will return!  Gotta go blow my nose some more.  Talk later.  

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