Dirt - Monday, Feb 27 2017

People can be so terrible…

Our friends ISLANDER are on tour with I PREVAIL, and while getting some after-show food in Texas, some jerk broke into their van and stole all of their personal stuff! That includes laptops, in-ears, game systems, medication, and pretty much all the comforts you can bring along while on the road. The silver lining to this very dark cloud is at least they didn’t get into the trailer, so the band can still play. If you want to help out, the band has set up a Paypal for donations.

FOO FIGHTERS played a surprise invitation-only show on Friday night at the tiny Cheese & Grain non-profit event space in Frome, Somerset, England. According to multiple outlets, the band broke its year-plus hiatus to celebrate its confirmation as the latest headliners for this year’s Glastonbury Festival. The secret gig was streamed live via the Foo Fighters YouTube channel, although viewers outside the U.K. were not immediately able to see it. You can watch the entire performance here:

Seether frontman Shaun Morgan said in a new interview with iHeartRadio that he wrote “more about societal behavior” than personal relationships for the band’s upcoming seventh album, Poison The Parish. Morgan explained, “This was some sort of awakening for me — the progression of not only commenting on my own life but on the people who make up this really angry society we live in.”

He continued, “I started being more and more offended by the vapid and self-absorbed culture that has become mainstream, and essentially, the supposed role models for the next generation. These a****les that are glorified on social media and reality television are poisoning the youth to think it’s okay to be talentless and stupid, just as long as you know how to pose for a picture. It’s just horrific to me.”

Morgan told us a while back that he never really knows what he’s going to write until he’s in the studio: ”I tend to write the lyrics right before I’m actually recording them, because there’s a vulnerability to them. I think if I don’t do it that way, I overthink it, and if I let my subconscious become the driver of that process, then I think it becomes a lot more meaningful, funnily enough. It’s an interesting study in what’s going on in my mind.”

You can watch the video for the new Seether single “Let You Down” right here!

Finally, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young reportedly wants to make a new album with Axl Rose on lead vocals, according to a report from Australia’s Noise 11. The report, which comes on the heels of Young joining Guns N’ Roses onstage during that band’s two recent concerts in Melbourne and Sydney, stated, “The chemistry between Axl Rose and Angus Young has inspired Angus to start planning another AC/DC record,, but Guns N’ Roses’ touring commitments throughout 2017 will make it difficult to finalize the project.”

Happy birthdays today to Eddie Veliz of KyngAdrian Smith of Iron Maiden and Mike Cross of Sponge!

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