Dirt - Monday, Feb 25

 Good Monday!  Took me forever to leave my comfy bed this morning, but I gotta get crackin’ as my friend, Head, aka Brian Welch, will stop by the studio today so we can chat about his new Love & Death album, Between Here and Lost  and his plans this summer.  Seems like there is big news brewin’!  I rather like the Love & Death album,  there are some tunes on there  that are very different for Brian, including the one I think should be his next single “By the Way.”  Check out his stuff  when you can on his band’s official site….Lou Brutus was in Chicago over the weekend to hang with Pop Evil and producer Johnny K, and  be one of the first people to hear their new album.  We’ll hear that interview very soon on both hardDrive and the XL!…Oh boy,  I hope he’s not lyin’! Loudwire posted a report that Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin may have a little more legal trouble on the horizon. The musician’s ex-wife claims that Scantlin stole her car this past week. According to TMZ, Jessica Scantlin claims she woke up Monday morning (Feb. 18) to discover her Honda Pilot had been taken from her home. Jessica stated she texted Scantlin’s manager and demanded the return of the car. The manager texted back the location of the vehicle several hours later, but also stated, “Wes didn’t take your car.”  After the vehicle was returned, police impounded the car to test for prints. Even though the results have yet to be revealed, Jessica stated she was “100 percent sure it’s Wes” because the windows weren’t broken and it’s likely he had a spare key. Jessica retained the vehicle as part of their divorce settlement. It was allegedly returned with bumper damage and missing a side view mirror.  In addition, she claimed to have received threatening texts from Scantlin, which her lawyer used to file a request to have the vocalist held in contempt of court. The couple officially divorced last summer, with the frontman signing the divorce papers with two smiley faces…….Funny, I was speaking with a friend the other day, wondering what was up with AFI.  Then I saw this: AFI singer Davey Havok is getting ready to publish his first novel, titled Pop Kids, Due April 4th. According to Loudwire, the book explores the “modern teenage obsession with social networking, reality TV, internet porn, fashion, film, music, sex and drugs.” A description from the publisher elaborates on this, saying, “Havok welcomes readers into a world where wearing the right clothes, listening to the right music, and indulging in a vicious cycle of self-gratifying behaviors is more important than anything else. Parents, teachers, and other adults are but vague shadows in the lives of these teens.”   The publisher’s statement continues, “Pop Kids may shock some readers with its unflinching portrayal of a generation weaned on modern media and the cult of celebrity. But according to Havok, this is a world that really exists.” So when can we see a new AFI record, huh?…..Happy 31st today to The Used’s Bert McCracken! 

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