Dirt - Monday, Feb 20

 Good President’s Day to ya!  Nice to have today off.  But I will be writing up some  interview questions for Halestorm, who’ll be stopping by the hardDrive studios tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing them, and I know Lou is too!  :)   (Today, I also have to wash my windows because it is hard to tell if it’s raining or not when I look outside!)  Anyhow, hope your day is more exciting!  LOL…Wanted to fill you in on my phoner on Friday with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich!  We had a great time!  He started the call identifying himself as "Hello, it’s Lars again."  Good laugh there for sure!  He’s one of those musicians who truly remembers everything, and even some of the questions you ask him! from interview to interview!   Love that about him!   Anyhow, I asked him to check out Avatar for the Orion Music and More festival!   I hope he does and signs them to appear!  They will crap their shorts if that happens!  LOL   He’s got several slots left and yes, there will be a metal stage, so for anyone who might still be scratching their heads that the line-up might not me hard enough, stay tuned!   Anyhow, Lars told me the festival will not only be about the music!  They’re planning lots of lifestyle things and that each member will bring a taste of something they are into in to the mix.  Like James will  arrange a cool car show. Kirk and Robert are  the surfer dudes in the band and they will find a way to "make waves"  off the Atlantic City coast line, so bring your wet suit and board!  And no, Lars won’t be playing tennis with anyone, but I said since he’s into modern art, perhaps an exhibition of up and coming artists.  (Although he said he’d like to say I get credit for that one, he’s already working on something like that!)  Lars was impressed I had a grasp on everything the band is up to including the 3-D  movie, which they hope to have together this year sometime.  And that it could be a live event to be seen in theaters.  When I asked about the possible  Pink Floyd-The Wall-like production the band wants to take on the road, he said it is definitely something they’d like to see in the coming years.  And finally, when I asked when fans can expect new Metallica music, he told me they’ve been working on material a bit, and in the fall they’ll get serious, and to look for a 2013 release for sure.  You can be listening for this interview on hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus the week of March 12 and Lars will also be a special XL guest with Lou  on Friday night, March 9.  And then you can hear Lars in upcoming editions of hardDrive, probably the weekend of Mar  9-10, so be listening!…In other news, Five Finger Death Punch has released the powerful video for "Remember Everything"  on USA Today‘s website, so check it out.  Even though the band doesn’t perform in the clip, all the members make appearances in the video, so see if you can pick them out!  Have a great day!  

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