Dirt - Monday, Aug 19, 2019

Good morning Radicals! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! One band that had  great weekend is Slipknot!

It’s been four years since a metal album has reached #1 in The U.K. and this week Slipknot’s, We Are Not Your Kind, did just that. Out only a week, it becomes the first metal album since Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls in 2015.

This marks Slipknot’s first #1 album there since their sophomore album, Iowa, in 2001, making it 18 years since they’ve been in the U.K.’s top 10. Additionally, We Are Not Your Kind, knocks Ed Sheeran off the top of the chart, which held the spot for four consecutive weeks.

If you’re wondering who killed rock and roll, The Glorious Sons sing about it in their latest single “The Ongoing Speculation into the Death of Rock and Roll.”

About the song, the band posted this on Twitter: ”We all start in a bedroom. We all would do it for free. Mainly, I think we do it for the freedom. This song is kind of a love letter for people who were completely robbed of their freedom for doing something they loved.”

The Glorious Sons are booked in Canada through most of next month and will then travel to Europe in November.

You’ll find the song on their upcoming album, A War on Everything, due to be out September 13.

Members of Highly Suspect have been recording their third album, with two new singles, “16″ and “Upper Drugs”. The project spans across rock, hip-hop, and pop, and includes features from Young ThugTee GrizzleyGojira and Nothing But Thieves.

Frontman Johnny Stevens will narrate the album called, MCID (My Crew Is Dope) He said: “The themes include self-loathing, substance abuse, image issues, addressing my past and changing my future, with a sprinkle of anti-Trump, false social media worship, heartbreak, hope, depression and suicide. There are also a few references to the pressures of fame and how I won’t play into it.”

No release date yet, but pre-orders are being taken.

TMZ posted a video of Rob Zombie reacting angrily to a female fan who reached across a barricade and grabbed his shirt. The incident happened in the middle of his show in London, Ontario, Canada.

In the video, shot (Wednesday night Aug. 14) you see him singing and walking down an aisle in the middle of the packed crowd when an overzealous fan reaches her hand over the barricade and grabs his shirt. Rob, yanks on her hair before pushing her back.

A number of other musicians, including members of ShinedownAll That Remains, and Bad Wolves are defending his actions.

Guitarist Zach Myers of Shinedown tweeted: “If this was a female artist you F***ing twat monkeys would have a whole different headline …. You Pr**ks are exactly what’s wrong with media. Here’s a headline: ‘Rob Zombie gets assaulted by female fan… reacts’”

Singer Phil Labonte of All That Remains wrote: “I’ve been literally groped by ‘overzealous fans’ more than once at shows. It’s F***king gross and it’s not ‘ok’ cause I’m a guy. TMZs framing of this – is crap.”

He added: “There was one time in particular, had I not been wearing pants, a certain part of my anatomy would have been in her mouth. I told her if she touched me again I would kick her.”

The artists were referring to TMZ’s headline, which read: “Rob Zombie Grabs Woman By Hair, Shoves Her During Concert.”

Rob Zombie is wrapping up the current leg of his Twins of Evil tour with Marilyn Manson and Palaye Royale.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand!

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