Dirt - Monday, Apr 30

 Happy Monday, folks!  Hope you had a great weekend!….My friends in Art of Dying are releasing an acoustic cd called “Let It Burn” and you can find it on iTunes. Singer
Jonny Hetherington made a tattoo of my name on his arm.  Pretty funny.  I gotta post it for ya.  (Just gotta upload from my iPhone.)  Stay tuned….Will be on the hotLine on Thursday with Serj Tankian.  He’ll fill us in on his new music from his album Harakiri, due Jul 10.    Have you seen his teaser video for his single “Figure It Out“?  Kind of interesting since last night’s 60 Minutes had an interview with a dude that was a former CIA big wig who, in essence, was in charge of torturing captives.  See Serj’s  video here (Warning:  explicit lyrics)….On May Day, Tuesday, May 1st (International Worker’s Day), Tom Morello will launch his World Wide Rebel Tour documentary with 42 unique, customized versions in 30 different languages for free, worldwide. The 30-minute documentary was directed by Bobby Roth (TV’s Lost, Prison Break,The Mentalist) and was filmed at Henson Studios in Los Angeles in August of 2011. The film features a Q&A with Morello, mixed with live performances of “Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine,” “Save The Hammer For The Man,” “It Begins Tonight,” and “World Wide Rebel Songs,” all selections featured on his acclaimed 2011 The Nightwatchman album World Wide Rebel Songs. The documentary will be available to stream or download for free in its entirety on May 1st via the website www.worldwiderebeltour.com. …Matt Tuck of Bullet for My Valentine is announcing his new “heavy metal” side project today.  He’s been talking about this for some time now.  Meanwhile, Bullet are working on their next album they hope to have out in October….Hurt have announced a tour for May and I’ve posted in Road Rage. I see they will be at this year’s Band Camp in Madison, WI! Bummed I’ll have to miss that this year as I have a family reunion to go to that weekend!  Damn! …Happy 79th today to Willie Nelson!

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