Dirt - Tuesday, Feb 07

 Happy 44th birthday to Sully Erna, sorry about your Patriots!  (Not!)  Man,I had a great time last night watching Foxy Shazam!  (Ha!  Roxy @ Foxy!)  Anyhow,  they were at Irving Plaza with The Darkness (whose lead singer, Justin Hawkins,  you probably saw in an ad during the Super Bowl Sunday night.)  Show was fun and funny!  Dee Snider and his wife sat next to me.  (Can you believe he’s on “Celebrity Apprentice” this year?)  Dee was wearing his Foxy Shazam t-shirt and the band did a line from “We’re Not Gonna Take It” in one of their songs, which simply delighted Dee!  At one point, Eric the lead singer, a wiry little fellow, jumps on the back of his lead guitarist, Loren, and starts to hump his neck!  Then he jumps off and asks the audience for a cigarette.  Several are thrown onto the stage.  Then he asks for a lighter.  Someone throws one.  He puts like 4 cigs in his mouth and lights them all at once. UGH!  I was vomiting (I hate cigarettes!)  But it was pretty funny.  Eric falls to the floor, on his knees and full body, so many times during the set, I gotta think the boy is one constant black and blue!  The band gets into such a frenzy when they perform.  It really is fun to watch.  And the cowboy joke, well, you’ll have to see a show to appreciate it!  Catch Foxy Shazam on tour now with The Darkness…..Oh dear!  Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was recently arrested for drug possession yet somehow kept the incident quiet for nearly a month. According to TMZ, Scantlin was busted on Jan 12th at around three in the morning when he was pulled over for a traffic violation in the Culver City section of Los Angeles. Officers on the scene suspected he was intoxicated and a search of his vehicle turned up some sort of “powdery substance” as well as a stash of pills. Scantlin was arrested and booked for felony possession of a controlled substance and had to pay $10,000 bail.   Wes has had it rough lately.  His wife is divorcing him and he owes back taxes to the state and feds to the tune of $60K.  The boy needs to get his act together, quick!…..Today at 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT,  hit www.metallica.com for a big announcement.  My guess as to what it could be?  They’ll announce they’ll be filming a big show this year in 3D, maybe live.  That’s what I think anyhow.  We’ll see later today…..Blabbermouth reports Killswitch Engage has officially reunited with original singer Jesse Leach, who left the band in 2002. The news was broken via an image of the group, with Leach, posted at its official website. Leach, who had hinted at possibly rejoining the act in several interviews, replaces Howard Jones, who parted ways with the group last month due to illness and other personal issues. Jones took over for Leach in 2002 and sang on three studio albums. Yeah!  The band should be getting down to recording their next album very soon!…..Other celebrating their birth today:  Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit is 37, Ashton Kutcher is 34.  

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