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Well Kansas City, you’ve got the next two games at home against Toronto.  What’s it gonna be ALCS?

OK, so as you know, I LOVE to start the day out with news of my friends Foo Fighters. The Pulse Of Radio reports the band has set Nov 3rd as the date for a show in the northern Italian town of Cesena, which was the setting earlier this year for a video in which 1,000 musicians gathered to play the Foos hit “Learn To Fly” in a bid to have the band come and perform in the area. Tickets for the show will go on sale Friday (Oct 23rd) at 10:00 a.m. local Italian time.

Foos frontman Dave Grohl posted a note at the Foo Fighters’ website, saying, “To see so many people put so much time, and effort, and love into making music moved me to tears. And the fact that it was a Foo Fighters song…well…it’s hard to put into words how humbled that made me feel. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life.”  Grohl added, “Ever since that day we have been looking forward to this incredible experience . . . We are beyond excited an honored to come play for Cesena. An experience like this comes once in a lifetime, so I’m looking forward to a once in a lifetime show.”

The spectacular clip was created by Fabio Zaffagnini, who came up with the idea last year and worked nonstop to secure a budget through crowdfunding, hire a production team and recruit the 1,000 musicians needed.  He also traveled to America, where he got the chance to meet with Foo Fighters.  Shortly after the video went viral in July, Grohl posted a response in which he said in Italian that the video was “beautiful” and promised that the band would come and perform in Cesena.  The Foos just completed a massive North American trek and the Cesena show will take place just before they kick off a European run on Nov  5th in the Netherlands. (Ah, love Amsterdam!)

Well,  the hardDrive Live Tour with Mark Tremonti and company is winding down this weekend. It’s tonight in Johnson City, TN and tomorrow night in Jacksonville, FL.   We thank Tremonti and the great road crew, Trivium and Wilson for all their hard work to help to make this tour a success.   Meanwhile,  Mark  told Robb’s Metalworks bassist Wolfgang Van Halen has a standing invitation to rejoin his Tremonti solo band now that Van Halen has completed its recent North American tour. Wolfgang joined Tremonti for touring purposes in 2012 and played on the group’s second album, this year’s Cauterize, but had to sit out its tour in favor of Van Halen’s summer jaunt.

Tremonti explained, “It’s totally up to him. I think they just finished the Van Halen tour last week, and he’s working on an album of his own. That will probably take precedence over this while he’s doing that, but I’m sure when he’s not doing that and whenever he wants to throw with us, he’s got that opportunity.”

Tremonti recruited Tanner Keegan for touring purposes in the meantime, saying, “He’s been killing it. The fans love him.”  Despite his absence from the road, Tremonti told us Wolfgang was an important part of the Cauterize recording sessions: He’s just a super solid player, he learns stuff in two seconds, and there’s two key spots where we did the three-part harmonies that Wolfie would sing the very high part. And you know, it sounds nice. I love the addition of his voice.”

also reporting today Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith recently laid down some drum tracks in the studio for Screaming At Demons, the new band formed by ex-Sick Puppies frontman Shim Moore. Smith recorded tracks for the group’s next single, although the title and release date remain unknown at the moment. The band posted at its Facebook page, “So honored to have Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers play on our new record.”

Moore resurfaced with Screaming At Demons earlier this month after being dismissed from the band he co-founded,  Sick Puppies,  in October 2014.  His new band, which also includes guitarist Russell Ali and bassist Chris Clemence, is launching its career with a campaign for the Homeless Rock Stars charity founded by rock photographer Nigel Skeet. Skeet provides homeless people with a makeover, a rock and roll photo shoot and interview and assists in helping them out of homelessness.  Screaming At Demons has recorded a song called “Rockstar” for the campaign, and has shot a video for the track as well.   Moore said that the band intends to release singles for now, leading up to an EP. The group does not yet have a deal with a record label.  Meanwhile, Smith and the Chili Peppers have been in the studio working on their 11th studio album, which is expected out sometime in 2016.

Speaking of Sick Puppies, bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin  are putting finishing touches on their new album, with an unannounced new lead singer/guitarist.  Expect to see them out and about next spring.  I am hearing from sources close to the band that the new music will blow everyone away, so I am looking forward to hearing it!!

Blabbermouth reporting today Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello will lead a group of musicians and actors during a unique event on November 17th honoring legendary labor songwriter Joe Hill at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Additional artists include Joan BaezZiggy Marley, Rich Robinson of the Black CrowesBoots RileyRancid’s Tim Armstrong and more. The Last Internationale, featuring Rage drummer Brad Wilk, will perform along with other acts. Morello noted, ”Joe Hill’s influence is everywhere. Without Joe Hill, there’s no Woody Guthrie, no Dylan, no Springsteen, no Clash, no Public Enemy, no Minor Threat, no System Of A Down, no Rage Against The Machine.”   And be listening for Tom Morello to tell a killer Halloween story on hardDrive’s Halloween Hootenanny next weekend!   For those of you who don’t have an affiliate in your town, you can download the free hardDriveRadio APP  in the app store or Google Play and stream it starting Nov 02.  Don’t miss it!

Pulse of Radio  found a story in the Boston Herald where author Greg Renoff has revealed another juicy anecdote he learned while researching his new book, Van Halen Rising. Renoff explained, “I didn’t discover the story, but I was able to really flesh out all of the details about the notorious Birmingham, Alabama ‘Krell (Cocaine) War’ between Ozzy (Osbourne) and (David Lee Roth). In November 1978 in a Birmingham hotel room, they both snorted enough coke to kill an elephant. After a bus ride to Nashville, Ozzy passed out for 24 hours in the wrong hotel room and in effect was missing. The police thought he’d been kidnapped. Let’s face it, any story involving Ozzy, DLR, and drugs is going to be a fun one to tell.”  Whoa, dude!  LOL

Celebrating life:  Today: Robert Trujillo of Metallica is 51.  Weird Al Yankovic is 56.  Saturday, Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones is 79 and Sunday, Chili Peppers Chad Smith is 54 and Austin Winkler, formerly of Hinder, will be 34.   Have a great weekend!

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