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Got this from Entertainment Weekly  on the upcoming Metallica movie:  There’s nothing typical about Metallica’s upcoming 3-D IMAX concert movie Metallica Through the Never, directed by Nimród Antal ­(Predators) and hitting theaters Sept. 27. In the movie, performance scenes are interspersed with a scripted story line featuring Chronicle star Dane DeHaan  (picutred, and seen most recently in The Place Beyond The Pines)  as a roadie ­dispatched into a chaotic city to carry out a mysterious task. Even producer Charlotte Huggins has a hard time categorizing the film: “It’s a ­dramatic movie in which a concert takes place,” she tells EW.   Also unusual is the fact that the film’s ­concert scenes — shot at a series of shows in Canada — were truly exclusive and not part of an official tour. “It took me seven months of working with Metallica until I grasped that they had created this very complex, very elaborate show just for our film,” says Huggins. “After we were done, that entire stage got packed up and put away.” Huggins, who specializes in 3-D movies, insists the format exists only to give fans an immersive experience. “Lars, James, Kirk and Robert always consider fans the fifth member of the band,” she says. “Because it’s a 360-degree arena show, the fans are in every frame.”  I’m guessing the Hit The Lights Movie Tent Lars will put together at Orion Music+ More will featured a good long trailer for the film next month.  Apparently the film, originally slated for an August 9th release, has been moved to September 27th.  Hear Lars speak about the movie on hardDrive XL as Lou Brutus‘ special guest on May 27th….Ya know, I’m convinced Dave Grohl is an addict!  A WORK ADDICT! Pulse Content reports the Foo Fighters frontman has teamed up with Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe plus bassist Mike Dean and drummer Reed Mullin of veteran hardcore band Corrosion Of Conformity in a new project called Teenage Time Killer. Blythe posted a photo of himself with the COC guys at Instagram on Thursday (May 9th), while promising that the new outfit will feature “a bunch of cool vocalists.” The instrumental sections of the project were recorded at Grohl’s personal studio on the famous mixing board he bought from the Sound City recording facility. Blythe wrote, “Reed had a track he wanted me to write lyrics for and sing on, so I did (title is ‘Hung Out To Dry’) — it’s old-school COC style thrash punk and I killed it on the mic last night.” Blythe added, “The instruments were recorded at Dave Grohl’s studio (watch his documentary, Sound City — track was recorded on THAT board) — Grohl will add a couple of guitar tracks to the tune too.” It is not clear when or how the tracks will be released, whether Teenage Time Killer will tour or how extensive Grohl’s involvement will be. (Editor’s note:  Not that much!  Dave last said the next thing on his plate is a new Foo Fighters’ album!)….Slash told our hardDrive Flint, Michigan radio station recently, contrary to what you might think, Velvet Revolver is not dead — and the band is once again on the lookout for a vocalist. Speaking with Banana 101.5, Slash revealed, “With Velvet, there’s no singer in place, and there hasn’t been, but we’ve been, actually, very quietly been looking for somebody who’s right for that band.” It’s been five years since Velvet Revolver parted ways with singer Scott Weiland, and despite jamming with rockers like Stone Sour‘s Corey Taylor, the group has never found the right replacement. The last time we asked Slash about it, he said that things hadn’t changed: “Everybody asks the same question: ‘Where are you with that?’ It’s really, we’re nowhere until we can find somebody who can do that job. Very quietly I’ve had my ears to the pavement, trying to see if there’s anybody that fits that bill, and it’s got to be somebody really good, ’cause I don’t want to rush into it out of desperation. I want to wait ’til I get the right person.” (Guess we know who’s band this is!!!) Meanwhile, Slash is working on the next Slash (featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators) record….I am looking forward today to speaking with Limp Bizkit mainman Fred Durst! His band is on the road and getting ready to release Stampede of the Disco Elephants.  The band is signed to Cash Money Records, owned by rap icon Bryan “Birdman” Williams aka “Baby.”  Limp Bizkit is their first hard rock signing. Other artists on the label include Nicki Minaj, Drake and  Lil Wayne, who makes an appearance on the band’s new rap-infused first single, “Ready To Go.” Look for the album later this summer and the band is currently on the road. Tonight they stop at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, MI.  See the Road Rage page for more dates, as this leg of the tour ends Jun 2….Jane’s Addiction will release a concert document called Live In NYC on June 25th. The set will be issued on DVD/CD, Blu-ray and double LP vinyl, as well as standalone DVD and CD. The show was filmed and recorded at New York City’s Terminal 5 on July 25th, 2011, while the band was touring in support of its first studio album in eight years, The Great Escape Artist. The highly theatrical stage production on that tour featured flying burlesque dancers, trapeze artists, carnival sideshow antics and an extensive laser show, while the band’s set list included classics such as “Stop!”, “Been Caught Stealing,” “Jane Says,” “Whores,” “Up The Beach,” “Ocean Size” and “Mountain Song.”  It was shot in 3-D, so it should look pretty awesome!  I was there, but the place was so packed, I couldn’t get the full on view of the band, but the opening included these three  women who rose in the air attached to hooks that were in their  backs.  Creepy!….Celebrating birthdays this weekend:  Friday:  Danny Carey of tool is 52 and U2′s Bono is 53.  Saturday,  Perttu Kivilaakso of Apocalyptica is 35 and Sunday, Mother’s DayKiss drummer Eric Singer is 55, The Cult’s Billy Duffy turns 52 and Epitaph founder and Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz is 51Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday to all the Moms out there!  Have a great weekend!


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