Dirt - Friday, Mar 30

 Happy Friday, peeps!   Packing the car to head upstate where we might see some snow.  I knew it was too good to be true that this mild winter would last!  LOL…..Linkin Park will release "Burn It Down" on Monday, Apr 16.  On the 17th, they will announce their summer tour!  Waiting to see when I can get someone from the band on the hotLine. Stay tuned for more!!!….Things are really starting to heat up in the hardDrive studios!  This week saw Slash, Candlebox and Deuce, and in the next two weeks, interviews will be pouring in from HellYeah!, Evans Blue, The Used, Seether, Bush, Nickelback, Art of Dying, Adelitas Way and more!  And in May, of course there's all the bands at Rock on the Range!  I am getting tired just thinking about it!….Had Mark Tremonti from Creed/Alter Bridge  on the hotLine yesterday.  He's getting ready to head out on the road.  On Sunday, he's shooting a video for the first single from his solo record, "All I Was,"  with his band, who are the guys from Submersed.  Mark's putting finishing touches on his contract and is hopeful this record could be out sometime in June. The Creed tour starts soon as well, so he's got his hands full.  And check out the  Alter Bridge "Live at Wembley" DVD, it's sooooo great!  Shows how loved the band is overseas.  Wembley is sort of on the status par of when a band can sell out Madison Square Garden.  The band was really proud of that accomplishment for sure!….Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. was also on the hotLine yesterday from his home in San Diego.  I managed to confirm the album title, which is "Murdered Love" and the first single coming Apr 16 is called "Lost in Forever."  Howard Benson, who did their first 3 albums, has produced this new one, their 8th studio record,  and there are some amazing tunes on it.  Really looking forward to seeing them at Rock on the Range!  Sonny is such a  great guy.  In his spare time, he has been speaking in front of area  youth groups.  Bullying has been a big topic for school kids.  I noticed the NBC Nightly News has taken on the anti-bullying campaign and if you're being bullied, check out their website.  (The movie "Bully" opens this weekend in select theaters.)  Anyhow, getting back to P.O.D., look for their album in June as well….As I mentioned Evans Blue in there, I forgot to tell ya the other day the band announced a company called Formula 51 Ink who make tattoo ink, have come up with a new color called "Evans Blue" in honor of the band!  How cool is that!!??  Will be checking the guys out to see who was the first in the band to get something using the color!  It's a beautiful shade of blue, I might add!….Avatar have released a live video for their new single "Let It Burn."  If we haven't posted already, we will be, so look for it.  I really like this band.  I am sorry the folks assembling the bands for the Orion Festival couldn't find a space for them.  Dunno what they're missing!…..See Road Rage for new tours for ZZ Top with 3 Doors Down, and a new tour for Saliva with 12 Stones and Royal Bliss.Happy 67th today to Eric Clapton, Happy 46 to Jeoy Castillo of Queens of the Stone Age.  On Saturday, a BIG Happy Birthday to Angus Young of AC/DC who turns 57 and on Sunday, my man Method Man turns 41.  See ya Monday! 

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